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Call commenced at 3:36 PM EDT when quorum was reached.

Discussion items  (note items in RED are to be addressed during the call and notes afterwards)





1Roll call and Agenda checkTed Klein

No agenda changes. No new business.

  • Work on the UTG Prototype continues.
  • Rob McClure - Update of C-CDA Value Sets Release scheduled for June 15th, 2018. List of what changes occurred will not be provided. Users of those Value Sets need to determine what the changes are and if those changes effect them.
  • Joel - Clinical Genomics WG is looking for a Vocabulary Liaison. (still pending)
    • Russell Hamm to investigate rules for Vocabulary Facilitator assignments.
3FHIR Ballot ItemRob Hausam/Alexander HenketValueSet.compose missing inactive/abstract? (Alexander Henket)
  • 17276 - Support for marking concepts as inactive/discouraged at compose
  • 17277 - Support for abstract in compose
  • Zulip discussion

Rob discussed the fact that this can be accomplished using a Code System Supplement; Grahame noted that we can return hierarchy in an expansion, but we deliberately did NOT put in fancy functions to compose to control hierarchy. There was discussion about extensions. It as agreed that any hierarchy should not be assumed to have any particular meaning, it is really for display only. This is related to item 16814. Grahame suggests that we propose an extension to value set compose to be able to define a hierarchy without specifying any meaning for the hierarchy. Grahame will put together an example, with the suggestion on the terminology zulip channel. We moved to the discussion about the assertion of 'inactive' (or deprecated or other kinds of knowledge about concepts) as part of value set creation, this should probably be included with that. Note that this is distinct from the definition of 'inactive' on codes in the code system. Discussion will be moved to the terminology channel.


Action Item Updates

(See running action list)

Ted Klein
  • No updates.


Baltimore Agenda Planning (Russ Hamm)

Ted Klein
  • Agenda may be found here.
  • No Updates made, no open slots left.
  • Ted noted that the Wednesday Q3 session currently labeled 'v2 publishing' is about more than just v2; Ted must reach out to the publishing chairs to see if V3 and FHIR IG published are included in the discussion. If only v2 publishing, the WG may want to consider moving things around if only Ted will be covering that session with Publishing.
6UTG ItemsTed Klein

The code systems and value sets that are used in FHIR have had URIs assigned as part of the FHIR development process within the FHIR space, i.e. at As part of the UTG migration, we want the URIs to be resolvable URLs and to be sensible and easy to manage on the HL7 side. We are in the process of setting up a domain for this, and we believe that the URIs for our material should be here. This would involve a one-time change to the FHIR URIs for all the vocabulary - and this would be a breaking change. We only want to do it once, and now before the final Normative FHIR ballot would be our last opportunity to do so. We need the Vocabulary WG to weigh on this formally. Note this is a key step in unifying the HL7 terminology across the product lines.

We will likely have the URIs be and for all of them. Note we realize we need to deal with some name collisions between V2 and V3 objects having the same name thus the automatic naming software causes the collisions; we will fix this manually one-time.

Discussion: it was noted that this is the big unification step, and this will lead directly to the need to harmonize the content where we have the same semantic space coverage but different codes and granularities. Also noted that we must start the detailed discussion on versioning, and probably needs its own zulip thread. Note that the discussion about this URI change probably also should have a zulip thread. This is a biggie, since it basically requires all implementations to be significantly changed wherever and whenever they use and refer to the existing canonical URIs. This may involve NamingSystem and the redirect things discussed a few WGMs ago. Ted must initiate this zulip discussion today.

After a couple of weeks of zulip discussion, maybe we can be ready for a WG decision on the next call.


FHIR Items

(from the FHIR tracker item calls)

Ted Klein

Rob Hausam

  • Continue discussion on delegating the FHIR vocabulary tracker item dispositions to the FHIR group, decision on Vocab WG call is needed
  • 17350 - merge valueset-ordinalValue and iso21090-CO-value (Eric Haas) (FHIR-I item)
    • Verify if Vocab WG is OK with merging these extensions
    • There are FOUR of these extensions: 1 on value set, plus one on CodeSystem, plus one on Coding, and one on Questionnaire
    • Do we agree that in principle that these should be narrowed down to only one single extension? No one on the call raised any issues, so FHIR-I may do with this what they feel most sensible.
  • 15685 - New ID type (Jaime Olivares) - identifier-type code (from V2 table 0203) for national identity card - initial discussion
  • 14029 - add info about usage of post-coordinated expressions with coded data (Joel Scheider) (transferred from FHIR-I)
  • 14567 - Incorrect case sensitivity specified for FHIR V2 code system representations (Rob Hausam)
    • V2 documentation is unclear and insufficiently explicit on this, the V2 Spec does not even mention case sensitivity. Grahame moves that the FHIR documentation states that the V2 code systems may or may not be case sensitive, and that the correct case as published in the v2 Standard be carried forth into UTG. Rob Hausam seconds. 10/0/0, motion carries.

Glossary Project


Heather Grain/Susan Barber
  • Did not get to this item, and Heather not on call. No specific items.
  • We need to get the status from Heather, and suggestion for how to proceed on the calls summer before Baltimore.

Liaison Reports

LOINC and TC215: Ted

HTA: Heather

FTSD & SGB: Russ


  • ISO: Meeting held in Brazil, nothing spectacular to report.
  • LOINC: Document Ontology group had their first meeting yesterday (Ted missed it as he was on a plane) LOINC Lab meeting was last week and well attended. Work on putting the LOINC groups into FHIR value sets, and the first draft of these will be released with the upcoming LOINC release in a week.
  • FTSD: meeting last week, consider a PSS from CIMI and they are taking it back and making some updates
  • SGB: nothing to report
  • SNOMED: nothing to report

New Business



Ted Klein

  • For next call
    • New project to re-ballot "Using SNOMED-CT in CDA-R2" as Informative (currently an expired DSTU).
      • Work underway with Dave Hammill and Lynn for this to get into the next ballot cycle. Rob Hausam working on this, and will give updates as progress is made. Vocab will need to approve the new PSS.


Call adjourned at 5:01PM EDT.  Next conference call scheduled for two weeks hence on June 28, 2018 at 3:30PM EDT (UTC-4; the clocks in most of North America will have changed to Summer Time March 11). 

Action items