Work Group: SOA


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MondayOct 1AMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  Workgroup Overview / HSSP Intro / New Attendee "Jumpstart"
  • Provides overview of the workgroup, mission, charter, objectives, current work, etc.
  • Intended for all audiences.
  • Confirmation of Agenda
PMQ4  "Round Robin" Project Updates

Each active project collaborating with SOA will provide a 5-10 minute update on their current status and activities planned for the week. This is the best quarter to attend to receive an overview of all SOA-related work across all projects.

Update reports on:

  • Clinical Decision Support on FHIR (Ken Kawamoto, Claude Nanjo)
  • Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Version 2 Project (Ken Lord)
  • Ordering Service Update (Jerry Goodnough)
  • HL7 Enterprise Service Reference Architecture (HL7-ESRA)
  • Cloud Planning Guide
  • HL7 Service Healthcare Marketplace
TuesdayOct 2AMQ1 Cross-Paradigm Interoperability Version 2   
AMQ2 Order Service
  • Order Service Update
PMQ3 HL7 Health Service Marketplace
  • HL7 Health Service Marketplace Ballot comment disposition
PMQ4 HL7 Enterprise Reference Service Architecture
  • HL7 Enterprise Reference Service Architecture (HL7-ERSA) Project update
WednesdayOct 3AMQ1  Joint with EHR - EHR Hosting   
AMQ2  TBA   
PMQ3 Other Business and Votes
  • Other business

ThursdayOct 4AMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  No Meeting   
PMQ4  No Meeting   
FridayOct 5AMQ1  No Meeting   
AMQ2  No Meeting   
PMQ3  No Meeting   
PMQ4  No Meeting