This environment is still in pilot; therefore many of the listed work groups (and projects) are not yet using this environment and have no hyperlink (yet).  Once each group begins use, their hyperlink will be activated.


Work Groups

Pilot Work Groups    
Orders & Observations WG (O&O)Vocabulary WG (VOC)Architecture Board (ARB)Patient Care WG (PC)Electronic Health Records WG (EHR)

Clinical Information Modeling

Initiative WG (CIMI)

Infrastructure and Messaging WG (INM)  Electronic Services & Tooling WG (EST)Public Health WG (PH)Emergency Care WG (EC)
Clinical Interoperability Council Standards Governance Board Devices On FHIR  

Infrastructure Topic GroupsHealth and Clinical Topic GroupsAdministrative Topic Groups
Conformance WGArden Syntax WGFinancial Management WG
FHIR Infrastructure WG (FHIR-I)Attachments WGPatient Administration WG (PA)
Infrastructure and Messaging WG (InM)Clinical Decision Support WG (CDS)Functional Support Groups

Implementable Technology

Specifications WG (ITS)

Clinical Information Modeling

Initiative WG (CIMI)

Healthcare Standards Integration WG


Mobile Health WGClinical Genomics WGEducation WG
Modeling and Methodology WG (MnM)Clinical Quality Information WG (CQI)Electronic Services & Tooling WG (EST)
Security WGClinical Statement WGProcess Improvement Committee (PIC)
Service Oriented Architecture WG (SOA)

Community-based Care and

Privacy WG (CBCP)

Project Services WG
Structured Documents WG (Struc Docs)Electronic Health Records WG (EHR)Publishing WG
Templates WGEHR Interoperability (Sub-WG)v2.x Publishing (Sub-WG)
HL7 Terminology Authority

EHR Records Mgmt & Evidentiary

Support (Sub-WG)

HL7 Management Groups
Vocabulary WG (Vocab)Emergency Care WGFHIR Management Group
 Anesthesia Standards WGCDA Management Group
Technical Steering CommitteeGovernment Projects WGHL7 Governance Groups
Domain ExpertsHealth Care Devices WG (Dev)Architecture Board (ARB)
Foundation and TechnologyImaging Integration WG (II)Board of Directors
Structure and Semantic DesignOrders & Observations WG (O&O)International Council
Technical and Support ServicesPatient Care WGHL7 International Foundation
US Realm Steering CommitteeClinicians on FHIROrganizational Review Committee
 Pharmacy WGPolicy Advisory Committee
 Public Health WG (PH) Roadmap Committee
  Standards Governance Board

Emergency Care WG 


HL7 JIRA/Confluence Project

Working Group Homepage Example - Under Construction - For Pilot Work Groups

Clinical Information Modeling InitiativeIHE-HL7 Joint Project - Cancer StagingSNOMED on FHIR
Devices On FHIR UP