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ElementAliasesCard.Inv.TypeIs ModifierSummaryBindingExampleDefault ValueMissing MeaningRegexShort NameDefinitionRequirementsComments
PaymentReconciliationDomainResourcePaymentReconciliation resourceThis resource provide the details including amount of a payment and allocates the payment items being paid.
PaymentReconciliation.identifier0..*IdentifierBusiness Identifier for a payment reconciliationA unique identifier assigned to this payment reconciliation.Allows payment reconciliations to be distinguished and referenced.
PaymentReconciliation.status1..1codeYYPaymentReconciliationStatusactive | cancelled | draft | entered-in-errorThe status of the resource instance.Need to track the status of the resource as 'draft' resources may undergo further edits while 'active' resources are immutable and may only have their status changed to 'cancelled'.This element is labeled as a modifier because the status contains codes that mark the resource as not currently valid
PaymentReconciliation.period0..1PeriodPeriod of included paymentsThe period of time for which payments have been gathered into this bulk payment for settlement.Needed to allow receivers to monitor and reconcile payment issuer schedules.
PaymentReconciliation.created1..1dateTimeCreation dateThe date when the resource was created.Need to record a timestamp for use by both the recipient and the issuer.
PaymentReconciliation.paymentIssuer0..1Reference(Organization)Party generating paymentThe party who generated the payment.Need to identify the party resonsible for the payment and this resource.This party is also responsible for the reconciliation.was organization
PaymentReconciliation.request0..1Reference(Task)Reference to requesting resourceOriginal request resource reference.Needed to allow the response to be linked to the request.
PaymentReconciliation.requestor0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Party requesting the reconciliationThe party who requests the payment reconciliation from the issuer when not automatically issued.Need to identify the party responsible for the request.was requestProvider
PaymentReconciliation.outcome0..1codeRemittanceOutcomequeued | complete | error | partialThe outcome of a request for a reconciliation.To advise the requestor of an overall processing outcome.The resource may be used to indicate that: the request has been held (queued) for processing; that it has been processed and errors found (error); that no errors were found and that some of the adjudication has been undertaken (partial) or that all of the adjudication has been undertaken (complete).
PaymentReconciliation.disposition0..1stringDisposition MessageA human readable description of the status of the request for the reconciliation.Provided for user display.
PaymentReconciliation.paymentDate0..1datePayment dateThe date of payment as indicated on the financial instrument To advise the payee when payment can be expected.
PaymentReconciliation.paymentAmount0..1MoneyTotal amount of PaymentTotal payment amount as indicated on the financial instrument.Needed to provide the actual payment amount.renamed
PaymentReconciliation.paymentIdentifier0..1IdentifierBusiness identifier for the payment Issuer's unique identifier for the payment instrument.Enable the receiver to reconcile when payment is received.For example: EFT number or check number.added
!Response Information
PaymentReconciliation.detail0..*=DetailsSettlement particularsDistribution of the payment amount for a previously acknowledged payable.Needed to show how the payment amount is distributed across the payables.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.identifier0..1IdentifierBusiness identifier of the payment detailUnique identifier for the current payment item for the referenced payable.Needed for reconciliation of payments.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.predecessor0..1IdentifierBusiness identifier of the prior payment detailUnique identifier for the prior payment item for the referenced payable.Needed for reconciliation of payments.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.type1..1CodeableConceptPaymentTypeType of paymentCode to indicate the nature of the payment.Needed to provide context for the amount.For example: payment, adjustment, funds advance, etc.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.request0..1Reference(Any)Request giving rise to the paymentA resource, such as a Claim, the evaluation of which could lead to payment.Needed to provide a linkage to the original request.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.submitter0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Submitter of the requestThe party which submitted the claim or financial transaction.Needed for audit and validation.Align reference to Claim.provider
PaymentReconciliation.detail.response0..1Reference(Any)Response committing to a paymentA resource, such as a ClaimResponse, which contains a commitment to payment.Needed to provide a linkage to the payment commitment.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.date0..1dateDate of commitment to payThe date from the response resource containing a commitment to pay.Needed for audit and validation.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.responsible0..1Reference(PractitionerRole)Contact for the responseA reference to the individual who is responsible for inquiries regarding the response and its payment.To provide contact information.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.payee0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Recipient of the paymentThe party which is receiving the payment.Needed for audit and validation.
PaymentReconciliation.detail.amount0..1MoneyAmount allocated to this payableThe monetary amount allocated from the total payment to the payable.Needed to explain the distribution of the payment to the payables.
PaymentReconciliation.form0..1CodeableConceptFormsPrinted form identifierA code for the form to be used for printing the content.Needed to specify the specific form used for producing output for this response.May be needed to identify specific jurisdictional forms.
PaymentReconciliation.processNote0..*=NotesNote concerning processingA note that describes or explains the processing in a human readable form.Provides the specific textual explanations associated with the processing.
PaymentReconciliation.processNote.type0..1codeNoteTypedisplay | print | printoperThe business purpose of the note text.To convey the expectation for when the text is used.
PaymentReconciliation.processNote.text0..1stringNote explanatory textThe explanation or description associated with the processing.Required to provide human readable explanation.