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ElementAliasesCard.Inv.TypeIs ModifierSummaryBindingExampleDefault ValueMissing MeaningRegexShort NameDefinitionRequirementsCommentsTo DoRIM MappingWorkflow Mappingv2 MappingCDAnet v4 Mappingw5UMLDisplay HintCommittee Notes
PaymentNoticeDomainResourcePaymentNotice requestThis resource provides the financial status of a payment for products and services.n/aEventfinancial.payment
PaymentNotice.identifier0..*IdentifierBusiness Identifier for the payment nocticeA unique identifier assigned to this payment notice.Allows payment notices to be distinguished and referenced.n/aEvent.identifierid
PaymentNotice.status1..1codeYYPaymentNoticeStatusactive | cancelled | draft | entered-in-errorThe status of the resource instance.Need to track the status of the resource as 'draft' resources may undergo further edits while 'active' resources are immutable and may only have their status changed to 'cancelled'.This element is labeled as a modifier because the status contains codes that mark the resource as not currently validn/aEvent.statusstatus
PaymentNotice.created1..1dateTimeCreation dateThe date when this resource was created.Need to record a timestamp for use by both the recipient and the issuer. n/aEvent.occurrence[x]when.recorded
PaymentNotice.payment1..1Reference(PaymentReconciliation)Payment referenceA reference to the payment which is the subject of this notice.Need to identify the actual payment
PaymentNotice.request0..1Reference(Any)Request referenceReference of resource for which payment is being made.Event.basedOnwho.focus
PaymentNotice.response0..1Reference(Any)Response referenceReference of response to resource for which payment is being made.n/awho.focus
PaymentNotice.statusDate0..1datePayment or clearing dateThe date when the above payment action occurred.n/awhen.doneTo be deleted see paymetnDate
PaymentNotice.paymentDate0..1Date*** redundant with statusdatePayment or clearing dateThe date when the above payment action occurred.Need to convey the date when the action being notified occurred.
PaymentNotice.recipient0..1Reference(Organization)Party being notifiedThe party who is notified of the payment status.Need to identified the recipient of the notification.n/awas target
PaymentNotice.payee1..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Party being paidThe party who will receive or has received payment that is the subject of this notification.
PaymentNotice.provider0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Responsible practitionerThe practitioner who is responsible for the services rendered to the patient.n/aEvent.performerB01B01who.sourcemarked for deletion, see payee
PaymentNotice.amount1..1MoneyAmount of the paymentThe amount sent to the payee.Provided for validation purposes.
PaymentNotice.paymentStatus1..1CodeableConceptPaymentStatusStatus of the paymentA code indicating whether payment has been sent or clearedThe purpose of the notification.Typically paid: payment sent, cleared: payment received.n/a