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General Governance Skill/Experience




FHIR Implementer and FHIR Community Leader

Specific skills for adhoc TSC representative:

The individual is a leader in the FHIR community and is experienced with real world FHIR implementation.


Has FHIR implementation understanding and experience managing standards implementations over time.


This person has shown leadership in the FHIR community - is considered a valuable resource on and other FHIR forums (stackoverflow) due to their frequent participation in discussions – helping others by answering questions and asking useful questions. 

If a developer:

This person is a regular participant at FHIR Connectathons (at least 7)

This person has attended devdays (at least 2)

If a development manager:

This person has at least 10 years experience in the development and/or management, at least 5 years of the 10, of healthcare standards in production system.

This person is an active participant in the development of the management and/or governance processes for FHIR.


This person has real world FHIR experience with implementation of FHIR projects part of their active work. 

Nice to have: This person or their organization has contributed to FHIR reference implements, tooling, or has provisioned open FHIR sandboxes.