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Notes on Mission and Charter – 1/16/20


Debi noted that the US released a strategic plan:

Abigail used the PHR-S FM and mapped to FHIR concepts.  Might inform our domain.  Information on Zulip chat:

Has written up her resulting ideas for charter and wants to know best place to post – Virginia suggested send to Dave.

Reviewed Mikael’s wordsmithing of mission statement and then developed further -

“The Patient Empowerment Work Group promotes and amplifies

the voice of patients and their caregivers within the HL7

standards community to align HL7 standards work with patient viewpoints and perspectives.”

(did not agree on it yet)

Marie Moen’s idea for Mission:

We promote and amplify the role of the patient, and their care givers, in their need to access their own health information so as to engage more meaningfully with providers throughout their healthcare journey, within the HL7 standards community.   Too many words or do we need words to communicate passion and intent?

Rachel Richesson – lets tie our mission this to the HL7 mission: To provide standards that empower global health data interoperability.

Dave DeBronkart: May want to use verbage or refer to the IOM's "Best Care at Lower Cost": "Engaged, empowered patients—A learning health care system is
anchored on patient needs and perspectives and promotes the inclusion of patients, families, and other caregivers as vital members of the continuously learning care team."

Did not get to charter, see notes from 1/9/19 mission and charter discussion for charter ideas.