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ElementAliasesCard.Inv.TypeIs ModifierModifier ReasonSummaryBindingExampleDefault ValueMissing MeaningRegexShort NameDefinitionRequirementsComments
CoverageEligibilityRequestDomainResourceCoverageEligibilityRequest resourceThe CoverageEligibilityRequest provides patient and insurance coverage information to an insurer for them to respond, in the form of an CoverageEligibilityResponse, with information regarding whether the stated coverage is valid and in-force and optionally to provide the insurance details of the policy.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.identifier0..*IdentifierBusiness Identifier for coverage eligiblity requestA unique identifier assigned to this coverage eligiblity request.Allows coverage eligibility requests to be distinguished and referenced.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.status1..1codeYThis element is labeled as a modifier because it is a status element that contains status entered-in-error which means that the resource should not be treated as validYEligibilityRequestStatusactive | cancelled | draft | entered-in-errorThe status of the resource instance.Need to track the status of the resource as 'draft' resources may undergo further edits while 'active' resources are immutable and may only have their status changed to 'cancelled'.This element is labeled as a modifier because the status contains codes that mark the resource as not currently valid
CoverageEligibilityRequest.priority0..1CodeableConceptProcessPriorityDesired processing priorityWhen the requestor expects the processor to complete processing.Needed to advise the prossesor on the urgency of the request.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.purpose1..*codeYEligibilityRequestPurposeauth-requirements | benefits | discovery | validationCode to specify whether requesting: prior authorization requirements for some service categories or billing codes; benefits for coverages specified or discovered; discovery and return of coverages for the patient; and/or validation that the specified coverage is in-force at the date/period specified or 'now' if not specified.To indicate the processing actions requested.
!Patient Information
CoverageEligibilityRequest.patient1..1Reference(Patient)Intended recipient of products and servicesThe party who is the beneficiary of the supplied coverage and for whom eligibility is sought.Required to provide context and coverage validation.1..1
CoverageEligibilityRequest.serviced[x]0..1date|PeriodEstimated date or dates of serviceThe date or dates when the enclosed suite of services were performed or completed.Required to provide time context for the request.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.created1..1dateTimeCreation dateThe date when this resource was created.Need to record a timestamp for use by both the recipient and the issuer. 
CoverageEligibilityRequest.enterer0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole)AuthorPerson who created the request.Some jurisdictions require the contact information for personnel completing eligibility requests.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.provider1..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Organization)Party responsible for the claimThe provider which is responsible for the request.Needed to identify the requestor.Typically this field would be 1..1 where this party is responsible for the eligibility request but not necessarily professionally responsible for the provision of the individual products and services listed below.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.insurer1..1Reference(Organization)Coverage issuerThe Insurer who issued the coverage in question and is the recipient of the request.Need to identify the recipient.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.facility0..1Reference(Location)Servicing facilityFacility where the services are intended to be provided.Insurance adjudication can be dependant on where services were delivered.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.supportingInfo0..*=Supporting InformationSupporting informationAdditional information codes regarding exceptions, special considerations, the condition, situation, prior or concurrent issues. Typically these information codes are required to support the services rendered or the adjudication of the services rendered.Often there are multiple jurisdiction specific valuesets which are required.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.supportingInfo.sequence1..1positiveIntInformation instance identifierA number to uniquely identify supporting information entries.Necessary to maintain the order of the supporting information items and provide a mechanism to link to claim details.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.supportingInfo.information1..1Reference(Any)Data to be providedAdditional data or information such as resources, documents, images etc. including references to the data or the actual inclusion of the data. To convey the data content to be provided when the information is more than a simple code or period.Could be used to provide references to other resources, document. For example could contain a PDF in an Attachment of the Police Report for an Accident.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.supportingInfo.appliesToAll0..1booleanApplies to all itemsThe supporting materials are applicable for all detail items, product/servce categories and specific billing codes.Needed to convey that the information is universal to the request.
!Insurance Information
CoverageEligibilityRequest.insurance1..*=InsurancePatient insurance informationFinancial instruments for reimbursement for the health care products and services.There must be at least one coverage for which eligibility is requested.All insurance coverages for the patient which may be applicable for reimbursement, of the products and services listed in the claim, are typically provided in the claim to allow insurers to confirm the ordering of the insurance coverages relative to local 'coordination of benefit' rules. One coverage (and only one) with 'focal=true' is to be used in the adjudication of this claim. Coverages appearing before the focal Coverage in the list, and where 'subrogation=false', should provide a reference to the ClaimResponse containing the adjudication results of the prior claim. Make 1..* coverageA flag to indicate that this Coverage is to be used for evaluation of this request when set to true.To identify which coverage in the list is being used to evaluate this request.A patient may (will) have multiple insurance policies which provide reimburement for healthcare services and products. For example a person may also be covered by their spouse's policy and both appear in the list (and may be from the same insurer). This flag will be set to true for only one of the listed policies and that policy will be used for evaluating this request. Other requests would be created to request evaluation against the other listed policies. informationReference to the insurance card level information contained in the Coverage resource. The coverage issuing insurer will use these details to locate the patient's actual coverage within the insurer's information system.Required to allow the adjudicator to locate the correct policy and history within their information system. provider contract number A business agreement number established between the provider and the insurer for special business processing purposes.Providers may have multiple business arrangements with a given insurer and must supply the specific contract number for adjudication.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item0..*=DetailsItem to be evaluated for eligibiityService categories or billable services for which benefit details and/or an authorization prior to service delivery may be required by the payor.The items to be processed for the request.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.supportingInfoSequence0..*positiveIntApplicable exception or supporting informationExceptions, special conditions and supporting information applicable for this service or product line.Needed to support or inform the consideration for eligibility.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.category0..1CodeableConceptBenefitCategoryBenefit classification Code to identify the general type of benefits under which products and services are provided.Needed to convey the category of service or product for which eligibility is sought.Examples include Medical Care, Periodontics, Renal Dialysis, Vision Coverage
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.productOrServiceDrug Code; Bill Code; Service Code0..1CodeableConceptServiceProductBilling, service, product, or drug codeThis contains the product, service, drug or other billing code for the item.Needed to convey the actual service or product for which eligibility is sought.Code to indicate the Professional Service or Product supplied (e.g. CTP, HCPCS, USCLS, ICD10, NCPDP, DIN, RxNorm, ACHI, CCI).
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.modifier0..*CodeableConceptModifiersProduct or service billing modifiersItem typification or modifiers codes to convey additional context for the product or service.To support provision of the item or to charge an elevated fee.For example in Oral whether the treatment is cosmetic or associated with TMJ, or for Medical whether the treatment was outside the clinic or out of office hours.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.provider0..1Reference(Practitioner|PractitionerRole)Perfoming practitionerThe practitioner who is responsible for the product or service to be rendered to the patient.Needed to support the evaluation of the eligibility.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.quantity0..1SimpleQuantityCount of products or servicesThe number of repetitions of a service or product.Required when the product or service code does not convey the quantity provided.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.unitPrice0..1MoneyFee, charge or cost per itemThe amount charged to the patient by the provider for a single unit.Needed to support the evaluation of the eligibility.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.facility0..1Reference(Location|Organization)Servicing facilityFacility where the services will be provided.Needed to support the evaluation of the eligibility.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.diagnosis0..*=DiagnosisApplicable diagnosisPatient diagnosis for which care is sought. Needed to support the evaluation of the eligibility.
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.diagnosis.diagnosis[x]0..1CodeableConcept|Reference(Condition)ICD10Nature of illness or problemThe nature of illness or problem in a coded form or as a reference to an external defined ConditionProvides health context for the evaluation of the products and/or services
CoverageEligibilityRequest.item.detail0..*Reference(Any)Product or service detailsThe plan/proposal/order describing the proposed service in detail.Needed to provide complex service proposal such as a Device or a plan.