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ElementAliasesCard.Inv.TypeIs ModifierSummaryBindingDefault ValueMissing MeaningRegexShort NameDefinitionRequirementsCommentsTo DoRIM Mappingv2 Mappingw5UMLDisplay HintCommittee Notes
AccountCost center, RecordDomainResourceTracks balance, charges, for patient or cost centerA financial tool for tracking value accrued for a particular purpose. In the healthcare field, used to track charges for a patient, cost centers, etc.Accountfinancial.support0;0
Account.identifier0..*IdentifieryAccount numberUnique identifier used to reference the account. Might or might not be intended for human use (e.g. credit card number).idid
Account.status1..1codeYyAccountStatusactive | inactive | entered-in-error | on-hold | unknownIndicates whether the account is presently used/usable or notThis element is labeled as a modifier because the status contains the codes inactive and entered-in-error that mark the Account as not currently valid.statusCodestatus
Account.type0..1CodeableConceptyAccountTypeE.g. patient, expense, depreciationCategorizes the account for reporting and searching purposes.codeclass
Account.nameTitle0..1stringyHuman-readable labelName used for the account when displaying it to humans in reports, etc..titlewhat
Account.subjecttarget0..*Reference(Patient|Device|Practitioner|PractitionerRole|Location|HealthcareService|Organization)yThe entity that caused the expensesIdentifies the entity which incurs the expenses. While the immediate recipients of services or goods might be entities related to the subject, the expenses were ultimately incurred by the subject of the Account.Accounts can be applied to non-patients for tracking other non-patient related activities, such as group services (patients not tracked, and costs charged to another body), or might not be allocated..subjectwho.focus
Account.servicePeriod0..1PeriodyTransaction windowThe date range of services associated with this account.It is possible for transactions to be posted outside the service period, as long as the service was provided within the defined service period..coverage.insurancePolicy.effectiveTimewhen.doneName was coveragePeriod, have renamed simply to period
!Account.active0..1PeriodyTime window that transactions may be posted to this accountIndicates the period of time over which the account is allowed to have transactions posted to it. This period may be different to the coveragePeriod which is the duration of time that services may occur.Accounts are able to be active only during a specific period, and the dates to which charges should be able to be applied..effectiveTimewhen.recorded
Account.currencyReinstate as needed for balances0..1CodingyyCurrencyCodesBase currency in which balance is trackedIdentifies the currency to which transactions must be converted when crediting or debiting the account.Tracked separately from balance because currency might be known when balance is not. In some cases, balance might be expressed in a currency other than the base currency for the accountIs this in the 80%?.currencyCodeThis has been commented out for now to consider the wider implications of multi-currency, especially since none of the other financial content handle it currently, and maybe extension on Money datatype would be more appropriate, or update to that type (constraint mny-1?).
Account.coverage0..*=CoverageyThe party(s) that are responsible for covering the payment of this account, and what order should they be applied to the accountTypically. this may be some form of insurance, internal charges, or self-pay. Local or jurisdictional business rules may determine which coverage covers which types of billable items charged to the account, and in which order. Where the order is important, a local/jurisdictional extension may be defined to specify the order for the type of charge..coverage360;0
Account.coverage.coverage1..1Reference(Coverage)yThe party(s), such as insurances, that may contribute to the payment of this accountThe party(s) that contribute to payment (or part of) of the charges applied to this account (including self-pay). A coverage may only be responsible for specific types of charges, and the sequence of the coverages in the account could be important when processing
Account.coverage.prioritycoordination of benefit priority0..1positiveIntyThe priority of the coverage in the context of this accountIt is common in some jurisdictions for there to be multiple coverages allocated to an account, and a sequence is required to order the settling of the account (often with insurance claiming).coverage.sequenceNumber
Account.owner0..1Reference(Organization)yEntity managing the AccountIndicates the service area, hospital, department, etc. with responsibility for managing the Account.holder
Account.description0..1stringyExplanation of purpose/useProvides additional information about what the account tracks and how it is used.subjectOf.observationEvent[code="annotation"].value
Account.guarantor0..*=GuarantorThe parties ultimately responsible for balancing the AccountThe parties responsible for balancing the account if other payment options fall short.holder.guarantorRole360;150
Account.guarantor.party1..1Reference(Patient|RelatedPerson|Organization)Responsible entityThe entity who is responsible..holder.guarantorRole[guarantorPerson|guarantorOrganization]
Account.guarantor.onHold0..1booleanCredit or other hold appliedA guarantor may be placed on credit hold or otherwise have their role temporarily suspended..holder.guarantorRole.statusCode
Account.guarantor.period0..1PeriodGuarantee account duringThe timeframe during which the guarantor accepts responsibility for the account..holder.guarantorRole.effectiveTime
Account.guarantor.responsibility0..1QuantityResponsible % of chargesThe portion of any changes for which the guarantor is responsible up to some optional limit.
Account.guarantor.limit0..1MoneyResponsible financial limitThe guarantor is responsible for some portion of charges up to a lfinancial limit per period of time, e.g. $100 per month.
Account.guarantor.limitPeriod0..1CodeableConceptResponsible limit periodThe Period of time to which the financial limit applies, e.g. event, day, week, month, year.
Account.guarantor.type0..1codeindividual | joint
Account.guarantor.relationship0..1CodeeableConceptRelationship to patientRelationship of the guarantor to the subject of the account (Patient).Bind to
Account.guarantor.studentIndicator0..1CodeeableConceptStudentThis field indicates whether the guarantor is currently a student, and whether the guarantor is a full-time or part-time student.Bind to
Account.guarantor.employment.employer0..1Reference(Organization)Employer Resource
Account.guarantor.employment.employee0..1IdentifierEmployee Identifierwhere .type='EI' and
Account.guarantor.financialClass0..1CodeableConceptThis field contains the financial class (FC) assigned to the guarantor for the purpose of identifying sources of reimbursement.
V2 .number -> resource.identifier
V2 .name ->
V2 .spousename -> RelatedPerson (-> Patient).name and .relationship of spouse, sig-othr, etc. (not RelatedPerson)
V2.address -> resource.address
V2.home phone -> respource.telecom[n] phone -> respource.telecom[n]
V2.birthdate ->resource.birthDate
V2.gender ->resource.gender
V2.SSN -> resource.identifier
V2.priority - no need
V2.employerName ->
V2.employee -> patient.identifier.value where .type='EI' and .assigner.display="Employer's name"
V2.employmentStatus - no need (Table 0066)
V2.CreditRating -> ??????need?
v2.death (datetime/flag) is on Patient/RelatedPerson
v2.chargeadjustmentcode not needed as on tx
v2.householdIncome ????need?
v2.householdSize ????need?
v2.employerId -> RelatedPerson.identifier
v2.maritalStatus on Patient
v2.hireEffectiveDate ???? RelatedPerson(Employer).period.startneed?
v2.emplotmentStopDate RelatedPerson(Employer).period.end
v2.livingDependency ???? Patient.extension ZZZ 0..1 CodeableConcept (spouse, children, medical, other, unknown (Table 0223)need?
v2.livingAmbulatory ???? Patient.extension ZZZ 0..1 CodeableConcept (Table 0009)need?
v2.citizenship ???? Patient.extension patient-citizenship 0..1 CodeableConcept need?
v2.primaryLanguage Patient.communication.language where .preferred=true
v2.livingArrangement ???? Patient.extension ZZZ 0..1 CodeableConcept (Table 0220)need?
v2.publicity Patient.extension ZZZ 0..1 CodeableConcept (Table 0215)
v2.protectionIndicator Patient.extension ZZZ 0..1 CodeableConcept (Table 0136) OR boolean
v2.religion Patient.extension patient-Religion
v2.mothersmaidenname Patient.extension patient-MothersMaidenName
v2.nationality Patient.extension patient-Nationality
v2.ethnicgroup Patient.extension patient-Ethnicity
v2.contactReason contact-reason 0..1 CodeableContact (Table 222)
V2.employerOrganizationName ->
v2.handicap Patient.extension patient-disability
v2.jobstatus not required (next of kin employment status)
v2.FinancialClass ???? 0..1 CodeableConcept needs Codesystemneed?
v2.GuarantorRace Patient.extension.race
v2.GuarantorBirthPlace Patient.extension.patient-birthPlace.address.text
v2.VIPIndicator Patient.extension.patient-importance