Dear   HL7 Co-Chairs:

This is a request for your review of new regulations incorporating HL7 standards, and your feedback to the HL7 Policy Advisory Committee

Final interoperability and information blocking rules were released by CMS and ONC today. Please read the rules and consider (1) their impact on your work group and HL7; (2) any clarification of the rules that HL7 should request; and (3) how the relevant content should be presented to your work group and its stakeholders. Your input is important, and we look forward to receiving this feedback from you within 10 days, by 19 March 2020.

CMS Final Rule
Medicare and Medicaid Programs; Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act; Interoperability and Patient Access for Medicare Advantage Organization and Medicaid Managed Care Plans, State Medicaid Agencies, CHIP Agencies and CHIP Managed Care Entities, Issuers of Qualified Health Plans in the Federally Facilitated Exchanges and Health Care Providers
Rule Text:

Fact Sheet:

ONC Final Rule
21 st   Century Cures Act: Interoperability, Information Blocking, and the ONC Health IT Certification Program
Rule Text:
Fact Sheet:

HL7 and its standards -- such as FHIR® -- are central to these proposed rules .
CMS and ONC seek to:

  • Improve the interoperability of electronic health information, primarily through standards-based APIs;
  • Enhance care coordination;
  • Foster innovation that promotes patient access to and control over their health information; and
  • Put forward a framework for implementing the information blocking provisions of the 21st   Century Cures Act.

HL7 and its Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) are looking to draw upon your field-leading expertise as we analyze these regulations. We would appreciate thoughts from you by Thursday, March 19 on the impact of these final rules through the lens of HL7 and your specific Work Group focus. Please send this feedback to Ticia Gerber and me at and respectively. We plan to organize an HL7 member webinar on the final rules and would like to feature HL7 Work Group Co-Chairs, along with other experts, as presenters. This is tentatively scheduled for April 1 st , 2020. Please consider participating as a speaker and stay tuned for more details in the coming days.


Thank you in advance for your assistance. 




Ticia Gerber and Jamie Ferguson