HL7 VSDFHIR Value Set Resource (R4 ballot version http://hl7.org/fhir/2018May/extensibility-registry.html)NotesAction Needed?Action
Value Set IdentifierValueSet.urlIn VSD, the value set identifer is the "globally unique string that characterizes the Value Set Definition". In FHIR the valueset.uri is the "Canonical identifier for this value set, represented as a URI (globally unique)". In FHIR, valueset = the defintion, expansion and metadata.Yes1) Update VSD to adopt the FHIR URI definition - "A globally unique string for this value set, when it is referenced in a specification, model, design or an instance". 2) In the description, include statement that this is intended to be the canonical identifier
Value Set ScopepurposeNeither purpose, useContext or any other existing FHIR element represents this VSD definitional element. YesRequires a FHIR Ballot Comment summarizing the gap. Options for resolution: update purpose? Update description and move what is in description currently into purpose?
Value Set ImmutableimmutableVSD requires the immutable element, FHIR does not, but that's OKNo
naming.namename title extension = otherNameIn FHIR, supports both a human readable (title) and computable (name) string. Though VSD does not include a computable string for this purpose, that's OK. Would be ideal if the preferred vsd.name is the FHIR.nameYesUpdate VSD Usage Notes for vsd.name that fhir.valueset.name is the preferred corresponding name/match to the vsd.valueset.name with the vsd.preferrednameindicator=true.
naming.NameLanguagegap, but okYesopen tracker for gap
naming.PreferredNameIndicatorgap, but okNo
Definition URLhttp://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-authoritativesource.htmlVSD definition for this: "a web pointer to where the Value Set Definition may be located." So this is simply a location to find the value set definition and is not an identifier. This has been resolved in FHIR by the addition of this resource: http://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-authoritativesource.htmlNo
Intellectual Property InformationcopyrightOKNo
extensible (I think this will be removed - tracker )removed in FHIRNo
Source Referencehttp://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-sourcereference.htmlAdded as an extension in FHIR: http://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-sourcereference.htmlNo
Keywordhttp://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-keyword.htmlFHIR Extension: http://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-keyword.htmlNo
Usehttp://build.fhir.org/extension-valueset-usage.htmlFHIR ExtensionNo
Value Set Definition VersionNo
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Content Logical DefinitionValueSet.composeNo
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Activity StatusValueSet.compose.statusClarification needed in FHIR. 1) ValueSet.status is the status of the entire valueset resource other than the expansion. This aligns with VSD using the word "definition" to mean the CLD/compose PLUS all the other non-expansion metadata. A valueset expansion is STATELESS. 2) Change the FHIR invariant 11 to say that the valueset.status in a resource that is only and expansion SHALL be the valueset.status of the valueset resource when the expansion was created, so it can be any valid status value. tracker item needed
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Activity Status Dateextension (valueset-expirationDate)current extensions only address one acivity status, and imply differeing behaviorextension needed; must be new change requestcurrent extensions only address one acivity status, and imply differeing behavior
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Workflow Statusextension (valueset-workflowStatus)VSD element has broader scoipe in that it applies to any activity state, not just 'draft' (FHIR 'preliminary') as FHIR does. extension modification needed; needs change requestmake definition of extension and how used more robust. Inquire in Baltimore.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.StewardThis was added as an extension for UTG, final documentation (creation of extension on FHIR state) still pending.extension needed; must be new change request; the extension should include a contact element (in case it is different from the publisher contact information)
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Authorextension (valueset-author)The VSD definition is broader in that it covers those who mofidy the value set rather than just the creation. Recommend we enhance the FHIR definition to match the VSD definition.extension modification needed; needs change request
publisherStart here 20180911.See note in next row (for contact)
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Steward (includes contact information)contactThis is the publisher contact, which is not in VSD. Need a tracker to add text explaining that in FHIR the steward and publisher are assumed to be the same, but if they are different then the steward extension (see above) should be used.
jurisdictionIn FHIR this reflects the jurisdiction where the value set author expects that the value set is intended to be used. It is not the same as the V3 realm that is part of value set binding in V3.Add a tracker and add to WGM agenda for discussion in Baltimore.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.comments.CommentStringvalueset-comment extensionAdd a tracker to rename the valueset-comments extension to valueset-concept-comment.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.comments.CommentTimeStampvalueset-comment extension (comment.timestamp)
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Trusted Value Set Expansion Sourceextension (valueset-trusted-expansion (datatype = uri))This extension should only be used if the "authoritative source" (valueset-authoritativeSource extension) does not have a FHIR service which is capable of generating a valid FHIR expansion.Add a tracker to add text to the valueset-authoritativeSource extension to state that the designated "authoritative source" is normally expected to be able to generate a valid expansion of the value set, and if for some reason it cannot then the valueset-trusted-expansion should be used. Change the valueset-trusted-expansion text to: If the designated "authoritative source" (as specified in the valueset-authoritativeSource extension, if present) is unable to provide a valid expansion, this extension indicates an alternate authoritative source where the value set expansion may be obtained.
Derived Elements
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Code System SourceValueSet.compose.include.system
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.TypeThis was removed from VSD.
Creation Information
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Creation DateThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR (valueset-effectiveDate is not the same thing).
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.CreatedByThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR (valueset-author is not the same thing).
Revision History
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Revision DateThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR (meta is not sufficient).
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Tracking IdentifierThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Revised ByThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Change NotesThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Revision History - derivedThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR.
ValueSetDefinitionVersion.Revision Version IdentifierThere is no equivalent currently in FHIR (meta is not sufficient).
Content Logical Definition - Definitional?Ended here on 20180911. Note this is not an element but is a header.
LockedDatecompose.lockedDatethe text in the FHIR defintion is an explanatory usage note, not a definition; must be fixednew tracker item to update the FHIR definiton of the element to match the VSD defintion
ActiveOnlycompose.inactivethe semantic matches OK, but note that the flag states are reversed ie VSD.ActiveOnly=TRUE is the same as ValueSet.compose.inactive=FALSE.
CLDSyntaxReferenceFHIR does not support multiple defining syntaxes in ValueSet.compose. It does have special capatbilities to handle the value sets commonly defined using SNOMED CT with the SCT expresssion constraint langguage. Value sets defined in other syntaxes that are available from external publishers defined with a non-SNOMED type syntax that has not been explicitly added to FHIR cannot be represented in ValueSet.compose. We do not see any way that such a value set can be "brought in" by reference using compose.include.valueset either. FHIR does meet the need for the HL7 product families and for SNOMED. Outside of that, it is unclear.need a tracker item and to hopefully have a concrete example of such a outlier non-codesystem syntax for a value set allowed in VSD, but not in FHIR. For example, using a syntax that either crosses multiple code systems, uses properties/operations not defined by the code system (such as Child-Of within ICD). and/or uses another value set composed of codes from multiple codesystems as the target (Rob M will use the TQL ICD Child-Of example in his tracker item). Relatedly, concrete examples of how excludes work in tandem with includes need to be added. For example, given a compose.include with multiple value sets (VS A and VS B which have members from multiple codesystems, including code system A), how is the exclude used to remove code system A concepts from VS A membership only.
Content Expressionswe are up to here as of 9/12/2018 call.
Syntax-based Content ExpressionsThe VSD specification is meant to provide guidelines for all HL7 products. However, each HL7 product has a specific supported syntax. FHIR only supports the FHIR syntax. Therefore, this VSD element does not exist in FHIR. FHIR is consistent with the VSD but not as expressive as the syntax options described in the VSD.See action for row 50
Non-computable Content ExpressionDoes not exist in FHIR and is a deficiency Vocab believes needs to be addressed.Tracker item needed, should be linked to Rob M's related item
Content Defining Element Types
ContentSystemElement.DrawnFromCodeSystemcompose.include.system (or extension valueset-system)
ContentSystemElement.CodeBasedContent.IncludeRelatedCodes.RelationshipNamecompose.include.concept.display compose.include.concept.designation
ContentSystemElement.PropertyBasedContentSet.IncludeWithPropertycompose.include.filter.property compose.include.filter.op compose.include.filter.value
ContentSystemElement.CodeFilterContent.ExpressionTypecompose.include.filter.property compose.include.filter.op compose.include.filter.value
CombinedContentQuick review, group thinks the spirit of these CombinedContent items are captures through the compose.includes and compose.excludes when combined with $expansion operationNo
DrawnFromCodeSystem.VersionLockedDatecompose.include.versionVSD allows for the specification of versionlockeddate to a particular code system. FHIR only allows for compose.lockeddate to be set for the entire compose statement, i.e., FHIR allows you to specify compose.include.system and compose.include.version, it does not allow you to pass a date per code systemNo tracker item needed, consider inclusion in future documentation regarding alignment of VSD with FHIR
DrawnFromCodeSystem.VersionLockedStringcompose.include.versionVSD allows for the specification of versionlockeddate to a particular code system. FHIR only allows for compose.lockeddate to be set for the entire compose statement, i.e., FHIR allows you to specify compose.include.system and compose.include.version, it does not allow you to pass a date per code systemNo tracker item needed, consider inclusion in future documentation regarding alignment of VSD with FHIR
DrawnFromCodeSystem.DescriptiveNameextension valueset-systemNamepresent as an extensionNo
DrawnFromCodeSystem.UsedCodeSystemPartitionNot present, only extension avaialble is valueset-supplement, which indicates when a expansion is dependent upon a supplement, no current way to indicate when a partition is required. Not deemed to require further actionNo
DrawnFromCodeSystem.UsedCodeSystemSupplementextension valuset-supplementNo
CodeSystemConstraintParameters.AllowedRepresentationvalueset.expansion.parameter.nameTo do this, you would pass a name = AllowedRepresentation (or the codesystem defined name for the representation) for valueset.expansion.parameter.name then value = as defined by the codesystem, the representation you intend to retrieveNo
AllowedQualifiersDoes not appear possible to restrict qualifers. Is that correct?Yesenter tracker item to pose the question and confirm if there is a way to restrict qualifiers
CodeSystemPartitions and Supplements??