IDVistA MetadataConcatenated File & Field #. Where a field is split, an alpha is appended - e.g., 55.01-152a.
areaVistA MetadataDomain, use case, screen. Analysis is not as specific as it might be.
Data ElementsVistA MetadataClient description of sub-domain
File NameVistA MetadataVistA file name
File #VistA MetadataVistA file number
Field NameVistA MetadataVistA field name
Field #VistA MetadataVistA field number
descriptionVistA MetadataVistA description
promptVistA MetadataVistA prompt
valuesVistA MetadataCoded values defined in VistA documentation
pathMap proposalProposed path in patient graph; e.g., "pt-allergy"
profileMap proposalProposed profile name. Drafted for patient, allergy.
R2 approachMap proposalClassification of approach, R2; e.g., "focal resource extension"
R4 approachMap proposalClassification of approach, R4. Thin, at this point.
FHIR R2 resourceMap proposalResource target
FHIR R2 propertyMap proposalProperty or extension target
mapMap proposalRepeat of previous 2 fields by reference to a table: more consistent, less detailed
FHIR Map CommentMap proposalNote