V2 Tooling

January 12, 2017


Attendees: Lynn, Brian, Craig, Hans, Wayne, Frank, John, Rob



  • Reviewed the V2+ PSS draft.
  • Will meet on Friday, January 26 to review a draft of the Conformance PSS. 
    • Rob will send out a proposal.
    • Not everybody will make it due to travel/etc. to the WGM, so this is a not a decision making meeting.
    • The PSS will be further reviewed and finalized at the WGM in Conformance.
  • Wayne will include an update that this effort is in progress as part of the CTO update.
  • Lynn will look at resurrecting a Publishing slide for the morning continuous update slides.
  • Hans will secure a room for Wednesday, 07:00-08:00 and secure some local beignets.
  • Brian will include the topic for Monday Q3 Publishing.
  • Rob/Frank will include the topic in either Monday Q1 or Q2 Conformance as a general update.