Attendees: Rob Snelick, Wayne Kubick, John Garguilo, Craig Newman, Brian Pech, Hans Buitendijk

Meeting Objectives:

  • Determine how to progress with use of NIST tools to document HL7 developed V2 implementation guides that enables testing tools to produce tests against those implementation guides.
  • Discuss direction of V2 in general and further tooling specifically.

NIST Tools for V2 IGs

  • A suggestion is to require use of NIST V2 tools to document V2 based IGs developed by / balloted through HL7.  Perhaps starting January 2018 for anything being balloted May 2018 onward.
  • Rob: Agreed with overall intent/goal, but we may not want to require starting January, rather volunteer first.  Still have various topics to address before mandating it.
  • Craig: Good direction, but may need further volunteering first before jumping in considering Conformance capabilities.  Need to set expectations on tool enhancements, upgrades.  How do we process those, prioritize, etc., etc.  Need to make sure HL7 establishes best practices on how to use the tool (e.g., when profile, value set).
  • Rob: Agreed.  We need to add as well the need to develop new/improved constructs on how to define V2 IGs, values, condition predicates, etc.  Underlying XML document that describes format has not fully moved into the standard, so needs to happen.  Intended to be part of HL7 V2+ where the standard goes on-line.  Does not prevent moving forward and use the tool, but probably necessary before mandating use.
  • Craig: Should we pull out conformance “now”?
  • Brian: In Vocabulary we are moving towards unified harmonization process.  This would need to be coordinated as well.
  • Rob: The intent is to align with that.  Some to be done when we can, others need to wait.
  • Rob: Instead of having the conformance model attached to each HL7 V2 version, the idea is to make it separate so it can be used and applied to every HL7 V2 version.  Then the most current can be used regardless of what V2 version is used for an IG.
  • John: There needs to be alignment with knowledge/training/education on the tooling. 
  • Hans: Would we be ready for a PSS to move forward HL7 V2+ and use NIST tool as the underpinnings for implementation guides moving forward as we believe that V2 is still moving forward?
  • Wayne: We need to address specifications, implementation guides, profiles/conformance statements, conformance test tools.  Market would like stability, so would want to lock down a base version.  ANSI uses the term “stabilized maintenance version”.
  • Hans/Rob/Craig: Not clear exactly what that would mean for V2.  There is sort of a base that V2.5.1 is used as the starting point for many implementation guides, but then there is pre-adoption all the way up to V2.8.2 to support specific requirements.  And if V2.8.2 were the base, it would be challenging to bring all implementation guides up to that considering various changes from V2.5.1 to V2.8.2 are not worth the change for the value gained.  Many of the updates to V2 are implementation guide requirements driven.  Whenever one piece changes (e.g., new fields to OBX to support a regulatory requirement in an implementation guide) everything need to be published.  How could we avoid that?
  • Brian: Need to disentangle format and content expression.  V2+ would address that.  Content includes value sets and message structure, segments, etc. where format is Word.
  • Hans: If you could have a better organized toolkit of the building blocks used it might be easier to update one piece without having to re-publish the entire V2 version.
  • Brian: Frank was thinking somewhat along those lines to make it more modular.
  • Rob: NIST tool can already mix and match up to a point, but need to go back to the basic standard.
  • Craig: Two questions still there: is IGAMP ready?  Can move forward with that discussion.  Stabilized/optimized V2?
  • Brian: There is a V2 management group (defacto V2 Publishing) but does not have time/bandwidth to really move this forward.
  • Next Steps:
    • Suggestion is progress three PSSs:
      • IGAMP: V2 Publishing + Conformance
      • V2+: V2 Publishing + Conformance + InM
      • Conformance Breakout: Conformance
    • We target once every two weeks this group to get this moving.  Hans to send out a Doodle to find a reasonable timeslot.
    • We should meet at next WGM.  Hans and Brian to see when to do that: WGM Quarter Zero/Five, or  Monday Q4 V2 Publishing?


V2 Tools/Roadmap Topics Continuation