HL7 Specification Withdrawal Template

2019.2 Version

Approval Date: June 13 2019

Last Reviewed Date: Q2, 2019

Review Cycle: Annual

Owner: HL7 HQ


Point of Contact Name and Email:  DTP@HL7.org


Publication Date 2019-06-13





This form is required to withdraw/close any balloted HL7 project/specification.  The document outlines the process and based on the Withdrawal Guidance Chart (linked within this form), it may need to be submitted along with a withdrawal PSS or alone if a PSS is not required.





Summary of changes: change submission mailto: from TSCPM to DTP


HL7 Specification Withdrawal Template Instructions

Use this form or the Confluence template to request withdrawal of a Normative, Informative, or STU balloted or published protocol specification (i.e. an HL7 Standard, Implementation Guide, etc).

Submit this completed form to DTP@hl7.org AND follow the Action Items as defined in the With d rawal Guidance Chart



Official Document / Standard Name:

HL7 Version 3 Standard: Common Terminology Services (CTS), Release 2


Current Status:


Status (Check One)

Action to be taken
(See Withdrawal Guidance Chart )

Balloted but not published

(Normative, Informative, STU, or Comment-only)

HQ to withdraw ballot record

Balloted and Published

(Normative, Informative, or current STU)

WG conduct comment-only withdrawal ballot then HQ to withdraw publication and ballot record



Balloted and published but STU Expired


HQ to withdraw publication and ballot record



Neither balloted nor published


Close project via emailing pmo@HL7.org


HL7 Version 3 Standard: Common Terminology Services (CTS), Release 2 is a version 3 specification with value as a reference for terminology functional modeling. The Vocabulary work group would like to make the standard available as a reference for the community, and retire the project to reaffirm the standard.



Sponsoring Work Group,

Approval Date and Link to Minutes



Co-Sponsoring Work Group(s)

(no approval needed)


Product Management Group,

Approval Date and Link to Minutes

(if one exists for the specification)

<Examples: FHIR® Management Group for FHIR® artifacts, Version 2 Mgmt Group for Version 2, etc.>


Project Insight Project ID

Product Identifier = 384

1587 is the project identifier for Reaffirmation of HL7 Version 3 Standard: Common Terminology Services (CTS), Release 2



Form Submitter Contact Info

(Name, Email, Phone)

Carmela Couderc


Ballot Cycle,

Date the document last balloted

and Ballot Level

September 2020

Post-Withdrawal Status

(Check one)

Withdrawn (no longer on product grid)

Retired (still available on product grid)

Product Brief Modifications

Specification is stable.

For Joint Standards, joint organization name and contact info


Any Additional Comments

This request is to continue to list the standard on the product grid, and retire the project 1587 to reaffirm CTS2.