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Proposed Language to Clarify US Realm vs. International Designations

Ken McCaslin


  • US Realm – This project is focused on a specific US based solution that supports regulatory, business or functionality found only in the US making it unlikely for non-US organizations to adopt this solution for their use without a change to scope.
  • Unconfirmed International – This project is focused on a request developed from US centric partners or single International realm only , but the content of the solution may be applicable for other countries . Such projects may not have found non-US participants during their initial discovery of the project or even later in their process before the Project Scope Statement has been reviewed by the Steering Division and the Technical Steering Committee.   While this category indicates a project started in the US, it’s an indicator the work may be of interest to other countries.
  • International – This project has one or more non-US participants involved in the discovery, design and development of the solution.