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Proposed Mission and Charter Template for Steering Divisions




The <insert name> <insert (formerly xxx Steering Division) > mission is to develop projects and products providing direct support to the work groups, thereby enabling them to function efficiently.


The <insert name> Steering Division is comprised of the following Work Groups:




The <insert name> Steering Division performs the following functions:

  • Ide ntify scope gaps and redundancies within the context of the Steering Division
  • Encourages cross work group collaboration and sharing
  • Interacts with other Steering Divisions for concern identification and resolution
  • Coordinates and facilitates project management across workgroups.      
  • Monitors and assists in the management of   Work Group Health
  • Engages with the Technical Steering Committee and Work Groups in the clarification, development and implementation of resolutions to identified concerns
  • Assists in the education and adoption of HL7 methodologies and strategies as the organization continues to change


The <insert name> Steering Division will operate under the policies and processes defined by the HL7 International Technical Steering Committee (TSC).


For additional information, please visit the <insert name> Wiki Site /Conflue nce Space <insert link>