NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & ConstraintsMust SupportCardinalityTerminology/Value SetReferenceNotes
Provenance TUDomainResourceWho, What, When for a set of resources
Elements defined in Ancestors: id, meta, implicitRules, language, text, contained, extension, modifierExtension
target Σ1..*Reference(Any)Target Reference(s) (usually version specific)YesUS Core where available
occurred[x] 0..1When the activity occurred
recorded Σ1..1instantWhen the activity was recorded / updated
policy 0..*uriPolicy or plan the activity was defined by
location 0..1Reference(Location)Where the activity occurred, if relevantUS Core Location
reason 0..*CodeableConceptReason the activity is occurring
V3 Value SetPurposeOfUse (Extensible)
activity 0..1CodeableConceptActivity that occurredYes
Provenance activity type (Extensible)
agent 1..*BackboneElementActor involvedYes
type Σ0..1CodeableConceptHow the agent participatedYes
Provenance participant type (Extensible)
role 0..*CodeableConceptWhat the agents role wasYes
SecurityRoleType (Example)
who Σ1..1Reference(Practitioner | PractitionerRole | RelatedPerson | Patient | Device | Organization)Who participatedYesUS Core where available
onBehalfOf 0..1Reference(Practitioner | PractitionerRole | RelatedPerson | Patient | Device | Organization)Who the agent is representingUS Core where available
entity 0..*BackboneElementAn entity used in this activity
role Σ1..1codederivation | revision | quotation | source | removal
ProvenanceEntityRole (Required)
what Σ1..1Reference(Any)Identity of entity
agent 0..*see agentEntity is attributed to this agent
signature 0..*SignatureSignature on targetYes
Draft Final
To Be Completed