StructureFor Device OrdersItems from Service Request not clearly defined in DeviceRequest
NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & ConstraintsMust SupportCardinalityTerminology/Value SetReferenceNotes
DeviceRequest TUDomainResourceMedical device request
Elements defined in Ancestors: id, meta, implicitRules, language, text, contained, extension, modifierExtensionRemoved constraints (done in error)
identifier Σ0..*IdentifierExternal Request identifierYes1..*Added constraints
instantiatesCanonical Σ0..*canonical(ActivityDefinition | PlanDefinition)Instantiates FHIR protocol or definition
instantiatesUri Σ0..*uriInstantiates external protocol or definition
basedOn Σ0..*Reference(Any)What request fulfills
priorRequest Σ0..*Reference(Any)What request replacesYes
groupIdentifier Σ0..1IdentifierIdentifier of composite request
status ?!Σ0..1codedraft | active | on-hold | revoked | completed | entered-in-error | unknownYes
RequestStatus (Required)Is this value set ok?
intent ?!Σ1..1codeproposal | plan | directive | order | original-order | reflex-order | filler-order | instance-order | optionYes
RequestIntent (Required)Is this value set ok?
priority Σ0..1coderoutine | urgent | asap | statYes category YesYesNeed value set for DME classifications
Request priority (Required)Is this value set ok?
code[x] Σ1..1Device requestedYesNeed value set
FHIR Device Types (Example)HCPCS
codeReferenceReference(Device)add extension for Refernece to DeviceDefinition doNotPerform
codeCodeableConceptCodeableConceptYesNeed value setuse codableconcept
parameter 0..*BackboneElementDevice detailsYes orderDetail Yes
code 0..1CodeableConceptDevice detailYesNeed value set
value[x] 0..1Value of detailYes quantity[x] Yes
valueCodeableConceptCodeableConcept quantityQuantityYes
valueQuantityQuantity quantityRatio
valueRangeRange quantityRange
subject Σ1..1Reference(Patient | Group | Location | Device)Focus of requestYesUS Core Patient asNeeded[x] Yeswill need for medicaitons and disposable items
encounter Σ0..1Reference(Encounter)Encounter motivating requestYesUS Core Encounter
occurrence[x] Σ0..1Desired time or schedule for useYesstart date if different from order date asNeededBoolean
occurrenceDateTimedateTimeYes asNeededCodeableConceptYes
occurrenceTimingTiming locationCode Yes
authoredOn Σ0..1dateTimeWhen recordedYes1..1
requester Σ0..1Reference(Device | Practitioner | PractitionerRole | Organization)Who/what is requesting diagnosticsYes1..1US Core Practitioner | US Core Practitioner Role | US Core Organization locationReference
performerType Σ0..1CodeableConceptFiller role
Participant Roles (Example)Need value set supportingInfo Yesneed to limit scope of referenced resources
performer Σ0..1Reference(Practitioner | PractitionerRole | Organization | CareTeam | HealthcareService | Patient | Device | RelatedPerson)Requested Filler specimen 0..0not needed
reasonCode Σ0..*CodeableConceptCoded Reason for requestYesYesMay need to restrict the value set bodySite Yesif DME item is for specific body location
Condition/Problem/Diagnosis Codes (Example)Need value set
reasonReference Σ0..*Reference(Condition | Observation | DiagnosticReport | DocumentReference)Linked Reason for requestYes
insurance 0..*Reference(Coverage | ClaimResponse)Associated insurance coverageYesHRex Coverage | Prior Auth ClaimResponseCoverge unless PA then PriorAuthorizationResponse (profile) patientInstruction Yes
supportingInfo 0..*Reference(Any)Additional clinical informationYesUse US Core Profiles where possibleneed to limit scope of referenced resources
note 0..*AnnotationNotes or commentsYes
relevantHistory 0..*Reference(Provenance)Request provenanceYes1..*US Core Provenance
relevantreviewS0..*Backbone ElementRelevant review (PA, MRSS, AU, …)
review typeS1..1CodeableConceptNew value set (priro authorization, DRLS, MRSS, AU
review datetimeS0..1dateTimedate and time review was done
ValueS0..1stringValue assoicated with review (e.g. PA number)Yes
Items in Red are required if the informaiton exists (if more than one option -- situation will determine if one or multiple)
May need to make order detail an extension
order detail S0..*Backbone ElementYes
orderdetaiitemΣI1..1CodeableConceptAdditional order informationYes
Service Request Order Details Code
quantity[x] Σ1..1Service amountYes