NameFlagsCard.TypeDescription & Constraints
Task ITUDomainResourceA task to be performed
+ Rule: Last modified date must be greater than or equal to authored-on date.
Elements defined in Ancestors: id, meta, implicitRules, language, text, contained, extension, modifierExtension
identifier 0..*IdentifierTask Instance Identifieruse to update task and for subcription
instantiatesCanonical Σ0..1canonical(ActivityDefinition)Formal definition of task
instantiatesUri Σ0..1uriFormal definition of task
basedOn Σ0..*Reference(Any)Request fulfilled by this task
groupIdentifier Σ0..1IdentifierRequisition or grouper id
partOf Σ0..*Reference(Task)Composite task
status ?!Σ1..1codedraft | requested | received | accepted | +
TaskStatus (Required)
statusReason Σ0..1CodeableConceptReason for current status
businessStatus Σ0..1CodeableConceptE.g. "Specimen collected", "IV prepped"
intent Σ1..1codeunknown | proposal | plan | order | original-order | reflex-order | filler-order | instance-order | option
TaskIntent (Required)
priority 0..1coderoutine | urgent | asap | stat
Request priority (Required)
code Σ0..1CodeableConceptTask Type
Task Codes (Example)
description Σ0..1stringHuman-readable explanation of task
focus Σ0..1Reference(Any)What task is acting onreference to serviceRequest or DeviceRequest
for Σ0..1Reference(Any)Beneficiary of the Task
encounter Σ0..1Reference(Encounter)Healthcare event during which this task originated
executionPeriod Σ0..1PeriodStart and end time of execution
authoredOn I0..1dateTimeTask Creation Date
lastModified ΣI0..1dateTimeTask Last Modified Date
requester Σ0..1Reference(Device | Organization | Patient | Practitioner | PractitionerRole | RelatedPerson)Who is asking for task to be done
performerType 0..*CodeableConceptRequested performer
Procedure Performer Role Codes (Preferred)
owner Σ0..1Reference(Practitioner | PractitionerRole | Organization | CareTeam | HealthcareService | Patient | Device | RelatedPerson)Responsible individual
location Σ0..1Reference(Location)Where task occurs
reasonCode 0..1CodeableConceptWhy task is needed
reasonReference 0..1Reference(Any)Why task is needed
insurance 0..*Reference(Coverage | ClaimResponse)Associated insurance coverage
note 0..*AnnotationComments made about the task
relevantHistory 0..*Reference(Provenance)Key events in history of the Task
restriction 0..1BackboneElementConstraints on fulfillment tasks
repetitions 0..1positiveIntHow many times to repeat
period 0..1PeriodWhen fulfillment sought
recipient 0..*Reference(Patient | Practitioner | PractitionerRole | RelatedPerson | Group | Organization)For whom is fulfillment sought?
input 0..*BackboneElementInformation used to perform task
type 1..1CodeableConceptLabel for the input
value[x] 1..1*Content to use in performing the task
output 0..*BackboneElementInformation produced as part of task
type 1..1CodeableConceptLabel for output
value[x] 1..1*Result of output