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EHR Vendor Survey

Welcome to the EHR Vendor Survey.

Thank you for participating in this important survey that will help us determine the feasibility of one approach to improving compliance with documentation requirements and reducing the burden associated with ordering DME. For more information on this effort, being developed by the Health Level Seven (HL7) Da Vinci work group, please click here or go to: .

This survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please be reassured that all survey findings will be provided only in aggregate fashion, and no individual responses will be presented. The Da Vinci work group will use these survey results to assess the current state of functionality required for electronic data exchange of documentation requirements. Please click ‘Next’ to begin.

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  1. Do you sell a 2015 certified EHR? If response is:

No- “Thank you for participating”

Yes- “Please select your company:” ( Note these are the top EHR vendors in ambulatory and hospital reporting per ONC data and not a comprehensive list)


EHR Vendor

Allscripts Professional EHR

Allscripts TouchWorks EHR

Amazing Charts


Centricity EMR


ChartLogic EHR

Compulink Business Systems




e-MDs Solution Series



FairWarning Technologies


Iatric Systems

Integrated Practice Solutions







Midas+ Solutions

Modernizing Medicine

NextGen Healthcare

Orion Health

Practice Fusion

SCC Soft Computer


Sunquest Information Systems

The Staywell Company, LLC


Other: Free text

  1. Do you support the electronic prior authorization for medication NCPDP [1] standard? If response is:

Yes- go to 4

No- go to 3

  1. Why not? Free text
  2. Have you expanded your use of Context-Aware Knowledge Retrieval Applications (Infobutton) beyond the use cases required for certification?
  3. Do you support the Fast Healthcare Interoperability resources (FHIR)?
    If no, skip to question 10
  4. Is FHIR currently available? [MKM1]

If yes, skip to question 8

  1. Will FHIR be available in 2019 [MKM2] ?
  2. What version(s) of FHIR do you support? Select all that apply
  • DSTU2
  • STU3
  • R4
  1. What FHIR profiles do you support?
  • Argonaut (DSTU2)
  • US Core (STU3)?
  • Other: Free text
  1. Please select all the following that you support:
  • CDS Hooks ?
  • Consuming logic written in clinical quality language (CQL)?
  • All the Argonaut profile resources for read access?
  • All the US Core profile resources for read access?
  • Electronic eligibility checking for insurance coverage
  • Direct interfaces between payers and medical practices to send and/or receive medical records/clinical data
  1. Do you have any SMART on FHIR apps available in production?
  2. What functionality do these apps provide users (e.g. medication adherence, asthma management)? Free text
  3. Are you participating in the HL7 Da Vinci Project ?
  4. Do you offer medical necessity checking functionality for lab orders [AN3] ? If yes go to 15 if no skip to 16
  5. For which payers do you provide medical necessity checking for lab orders? Select all that apply
  • Medicare
  • Other: Please list all Free text
  1. Does your EHR support? Select all that apply
  • Ordering durable medical equipme nt (DME)
  • Ordering home oxygen or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
  1. Does your EHR support ordering DME electronically ? If no skip to question 19
  2. Select all methods your clients use to order DME electronically
  • Interface to a DME supplier hub
  • Direct interface(s) to an individual DME supplier
  • Other: Free text
  1. Does your EHR provide the following in structured fields formatted as described? Select all that apply
  • Apnea-Hypopnea Index (AHI) (numeric, units of events per hour)
  • Respiratory Disturbance Index (RDI) (numeric, units of events per hour)
  • Hours CPAP used per night
  • % of nights CPAP used in last 30 days?
  • O2 Sat (room air at Rest) (Numeric, %)
  • O2 Sat (with supplemental O2) (Numeric, %)
  • Supplemental O2 (Numeric, LPM)
  • Neck circumference (numeric, cm)
  • Body mass index (BMI) (Numeric)


After completing this question display “Thank you for participating”


[1] National Council for Prescription Drug Programs.


What are we asking here?

Do they support FHIR queries, messages any apis?


[MKM2] Will FHIR be available for what?


[AN3] Add multi-select questions where possible.