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Notes from 9/13/2017 IHE-HL7 Collaboration meeting


Attending in person:   John, Todd, Chris, Grahame, Elliot, Scott, Wayne

Remote attendees:   Eric, Jens

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss and prepare plans for a proposed collaborative project between HL7 and IHE involving HL7 FHIR that would demonstrate how the combined efforts of both organizations could add value to advance the cause of interoperability.  

We reviewed Wayne’s proposal distributed via email in June to engage a task force involving IHE and HL7 FHIR participants to identify a target use case of high impact and visibility but limited complexity that will move the needle over the first half of 2018, making incremental progress at both FHIR and IHE connectathons (or IHE plugathons)   in the USA and Europe and formally commission an HL7 Project Scope Statement.   The primary events would include:

a) IHE North America Connection Jan. 15-19, Cleveland
b) FHIR Connection/HL7 WGM, Jan. 27-28, New Orleans
c) April IHE connectathon Europe, The Hague, Netherlands
d) May HL7 FHIR Connectathon/HL7 WGM, Cologne Germany.

We might also consider capitalizing on the FHIR Dev Days in Amsterdam in November, the HL7 Partners in Interoperability in New Orleans in December, and seek to socialize and present a progress report at HIMSS 2018 in March.

The end result would be a published joint specification (together with code and tools developed along the way).

We discussed potential use case suggested by Todd (Chuck Jaffe later suggested another one; Todd and Chuck to discuss)

Grahame suggested some additional goals that would benefit FHIR as well:
1) to integrate FHIR test scripts and tools with IHE Gazelle
2) to educate IHE on how to publish implementation guides through the FHIR IG Publisher (we discussed offering a tutorial potentially as early as Feb. for IHE in Europe, possibly to be repeated later in the USA)
3) To engage 2 HL7 work groups who might benefit from IHE experience in conformance testing and validation services, specifically terminology services and the FHIR Patient Track.  

IHE might also benefit from the value set tooling being developed through FHIR to support IHE profiles.  

Among follow up tasks in addition to the use case definition and the PSS are a work item proposal related to Terminology services, and IHE tooling support and testing (Eric offered to help with this).