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Notes from 30 October IHE-HL7 Collaborative Project Meeting


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Attending:   Wayne, Jens, Chris, John, Scott, Elliott, Grahame, Laura


1.   Introductions and status  

Wayne reviewed the notes from last meeting and upcoming plans.   We’re still in need of a documented storyline or business case that we can communicate to the broader community and use as the context for the various technical activities we’ll be seeking to coordinate.  


2.   Discuss Cancer Staging Use Case

We need a business case/story for external communications.   Story has to make sense and have credibility among clinicians and serve as a

hook to engage the proper parties.  

Chris is trying to flesh out a story about radiology reporting and cancer registry.   Wanting to bring in Pathology.  

There are pieces already in place with v2 and CDA; connections to FHIR are currently fuzzy.   David Kwan (?)   has done a lot of work on CDA on FHIR.   Richard Edmonds of CIMI has offered to help — and he is starting an Oncology workgroup.   CAP and Cancer Care Ontario have content that can likely be applied. Laura feels this is one of the more mature CIIC topics.


3.   Discuss other potential interested participants

Need to reach out to the appropriate IHE domains and HL7 Work Groups.   Patient Care on the HL7 side, since it’s about coordinating many activities toward patient care.   Most likely IHE domain is Patient Care Coordination.   (Laura is a key contact).  

We had hoped Eric Poiseau could help with the iHE tooling (Chris will reach out).   US IHE tech team is led by Steve Moore and he and Chris plan to participate in the January FHIR connectathon.

Elliot mentioned an IHE FHIR Connectathon track that could also be a good place to explore this.   There are enough IHE profiles that can be referenced, which can be access from a Wiki page.  

There is a storyline from a showcase on cancer management from a couple of years ago, based on HealthStory.   John will send link to this story which will be distributed to participants — but he found a graphic which is attached below.   Todd is also still working on a preeclampsia use case.  


4.   Related Activities


Another goal was for HL7 to work with IHE so they could begin to use the FHIR IG Publisher.   Grahame states we need both a bottom up and top down approach for this.   For bottom up, Need an IHE editor to rewrite an IHE profile using the FHIR editor; that’s happening now on XDS.  

Top down approach is to work with IHE about establishing the policies and procedures to support publishing IHE IGs using the FHIR publisher as HTML that will contain all the necessary technical pieces.   We’ll need a project lead from IHE to drive this.


There is an existing work item from the IT infrastructure domain within IHE.   IHE need to figure out how to conduct review and ballot items through the IHE process. Can do it on GitHub once someone defines the processes.   Learning is required; but there is no formal training available yet.   There’s a discussion topic on   that IHE can join.  

      5) Attract more IHE involvement to improve HL7 capabilities for image integration through FHIR

Regarding introducing FHIR Terminology Services to IHE, there are vocabularies available through FHIR Terminology services and encouraging the IHE community.   Would also be useful for IHE to access and exercise the FHIR value Set editors.   Best reviewed at the connectathon and then socialized through the IHE Community.


4.   Next steps.  

Wayne will set up a listserv and Wiki page for the project and set up another call for later in November (possibly Nov. 21).

All participants are asked to review the HIMSS showcase storyline that seemed to cover similar ground a few years back - link to be sent.