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Respondent IDCollector IDStart DateEnd DateIP AddressEmail AddressFirst NameLast NameCustom Data 1The HL7 FHIR Connectathon met my expectations.Based on my experience, I would refer a colleague to come to an HL7 FHIR Connectathon.I will attend a future FHIR Connectathon.I had the information I needed to be successful at the connectathon.Please share your suggestions for doing things better at the next FHIR Connectathon. If you would like us to follow up with you please include your contact information.I was a track lead or helped run a track at the FHIR Connectathon.How did you evaluate the success of your track?What tools did your track use? (check all that apply)Will you be in Montreal in May?What, if anything, would you like to be different next time?
ResponseResponseResponseWhy or why not?ResponseCommentsOpen-Ended ResponseResponseOpen-Ended ResponseClinFHIRConnectathon Management ToolCrucibleGazelleSimplifierTouchstoneOther (please specify)ResponseOpen-Ended Response
104823153112241328072019-01-22 12:04:152019-01-22 12:11:39159.140.254.102AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESIt went well. I think the tough part for subscriptions this time around was that very few showed any interest beyond "watching" until the last minute. We want to test workflows that require specific actors to be present (clients with certain capabilities) and that wasn't true for this last-minute desired trackConnectathon Management ToolYESIf we have this track, I need to work on either getting people to declare interest early and then organizing based on who can play what roles, or shut it down. The issue is that everyone is "interested" but currently not able to participate (except server-side)
104818234832241328072019-01-22 8:51:342019-01-22 8:55:0976.98.217.201Slightly DisagreeSlightly AgreeSlightly AgreeSlightly AgreeNO
104817829102241328072019-01-22 8:35:332019-01-22 8:36:08159.140.254.99AgreeAgreeAgreeSlightly AgreeNO
104808172402241328072019-01-21 19:45:242019-01-21 19:47:4470.95.89.232Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESInterest by other groups in discussing our solutions.Connectathon Management ToolYES
104792522792241328072019-01-21 4:40:182019-01-21 4:43:10195.22.113.122Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104792345692241328072019-01-21 4:30:202019-01-21 4:35:0993.240.58.247AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeExchange of expertise at a high level AgreeWiki and Zulip TOP! I would like to have more Information on Confluence, but also worked fine as planned.A slightly larger room would have been good. It was not easy to find a way between the tables. Table plan and cards helped a lot to find the right table. Many thanksNO
104779756532241328072019-01-19 22:32:062019-01-19 22:33:43122.62.145.229Slightly AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeYESTestingConnectathon Management ToolTouchstoneYESAdd more conformance tests in Touchstone.
104741744552241328072019-01-17 17:31:302019-01-17 17:31:58199.190.170.30Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly Agreebest place to focusStrongly AgreeNO
104738792242241328072019-01-17 15:14:162019-01-17 15:15:25104.129.192.56Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeCDS Hooks development opportunities with EHR vendorsStrongly AgreeFor CDS Hooks, garner attendance from as many EHR vendors as possible.NO
104735678212241328072019-01-17 13:02:492019-01-17 13:04:03198.203.177.177Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeVery useful knowledge on both CCDA and cqlStrongly AgreeLarger room for CCDA Way to track at registration which tracks are being followed by attendee.NO
104731441132241328072019-01-17 10:14:232019-01-17 10:20:0371.42.240.38AgreeStrongly AgreeSlightly AgreeIt depends on if my company sends me--all depends on budgetSlightly DisagreeThis was my first connectathon, so I had no idea what to expect or how to prepare. I came with a co-worker, but I wasn't overly useful as I didn't know much about FHIR or how to link anything with another organization. This was no fault of the HL7 organization, but my own organization for not better preparing me.I did attend the intro to FHIR session at the beginning of the connectathon, which was helpful. Maybe there should be a separate connectathon for 1st timers and/or a session to show the big picture of how FHIR works.NO
104728760272241328072019-01-17 8:17:312019-01-17 8:31:1764.124.131.10AgreeAgreeAgreeGreat opportunity to test our product with other companies products. Also a great place to learn about changes to FHIR and how others have implemented it.AgreeIt might get off to a stronger start if participants were to enter their information into ConMan prior to the event. It would also be helpful to know which use cases the different participants were planning to work/test on.NO
104728166272241328072019-01-17 8:02:122019-01-17 8:02:4471.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104715400762241328072019-01-16 17:27:352019-01-16 17:28:0298.226.72.54AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO
104711015482241328072019-01-16 14:29:072019-01-16 14:30:42129.176.197.197AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeSlightly DisagreeIt was my first time attending so I felt a bit under prepared, but I think that was mostly my own fault and not a fault of my track lead or HL7 in general.NO
104710952392241328072019-01-16 14:22:552019-01-16 14:28:0571.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeWould like to see some highlights at the end of the best activities done by participants, not every group but something would be nice.NO
104709642392241328072019-01-16 13:33:552019-01-16 13:34:28161.69.112.10AgreeAgreeAgreeSlightly AgreeNO
104708919622241328072019-01-16 13:05:342019-01-16 13:06:10108.195.234.156AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104708132152241328072019-01-16 12:35:292019-01-16 12:36:23159.140.254.99Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESParticipate feedbackYES
104707609882241328072019-01-16 12:17:022019-01-16 12:18:1971.42.240.38Strongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESWe made major changes and the people we worked with seem impressed with what we're building to.ClinFHIRYES
104706375162241328072019-01-16 10:28:452019-01-16 11:35:4171.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeIt was planned extremely well. Having bonus use cases and challenges was terrific. Having the challenge a bit more defined might be good.NO
104705982692241328072019-01-16 10:30:012019-01-22 15:26:42108.28.10.70AgreeStrongly AgreeSlightly DisagreeMy role wasn't technical and isn't likely to beDisagreeLogistics, planning and expectations of information provided to new comers from co-chairs could be better. YESIf we were able to produce significant feedback from connectathon work to take back to the workgroupClinFHIRFHIR validation toolNot sure.
104705184752241328072019-01-16 11:00:422019-01-16 11:01:1171.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeCoffee!NO
104705013682241328072019-01-16 10:53:372019-01-16 10:55:25165.225.34.114AgreeStrongly AgreeSlightly AgreeAs we develop FHIR solutions I will attend to test concepts and resourcesAgreeIt would be good if coffee was provided for the duration of the connectathon and not just during defined breaks.NO
104704970692241328072019-01-16 10:50:592019-01-16 10:53:5671.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeRon Shapiro helps me a lot, great person!NO
104704869332241328072019-01-16 10:48:472019-01-16 10:50:1671.42.240.38Strongly AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeDeeper sight into and feel the mood of FHIRAgreeNO
104704155822241328072019-01-16 10:23:242019-01-16 10:26:2671.42.240.38AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeThe job is not finished.AgreeYESChecking the coverage of the real need by the new resources testedConnectathon Management ToolTouchstoneYES
104704040442241328072019-01-16 10:18:522019-01-16 10:20:54130.14.112.90Strongly AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104703889982241328072019-01-16 10:14:382019-01-16 10:15:2371.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104703740932241328072019-01-16 9:59:472019-01-16 10:09:58165.225.34.114Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeIn the past couple of Connectathons the coffee has been taken away sometimes for up to a couple of hours. Participants need coffee. Please provide coffee for the entirety of the Connectathon.NO
104703571772241328072019-01-16 10:02:492019-01-16 10:04:00205.145.107.50Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO
104702923272241328072019-01-16 9:39:392019-01-16 9:39:5868.119.246.91AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104702755902241328072019-01-16 9:33:362019-01-16 9:34:0571.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104702636322241328072019-01-16 9:28:132019-01-16 9:30:06198.176.81.33Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeThere's no better place to learn about fhirStrongly AgreeNO
104702589932241328072019-01-16 9:24:522019-01-16 9:28:28136.62.167.58AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104702415752241328072019-01-16 9:14:252019-01-16 9:22:0312.118.243.18AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeI'll try, I think it has great valueAgreeThe webinars I'd taken so far provided good info to make the patient track level 1 fairly trivial, if I hadn't taken the webinars I would have needed more info/help. I think that the wikis (connectathon and otherwise) were all very good.NO
104702122752241328072019-01-16 9:09:482019-01-16 9:11:14104.235.30.1Slightly AgreeSlightly AgreeSlightly DisagreeProbably not. There was less cross-company interaction and collaboration on hacking something together than I had expected.AgreeNO
104701884682241328072019-01-16 9:01:232019-01-16 9:02:3371.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104700756082241328072019-01-16 8:12:562019-01-16 8:15:2971.42.240.38AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeI will encourage the additional of a new Track for PHRsStrongly AgreeHaving the C-CDA IAT and FHIR on the same weekend was extremely beneficial.NO
104700281952241328072019-01-16 7:52:262019-01-16 7:54:3571.42.240.38AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO
104699247312241328072019-01-16 6:56:592019-01-16 6:59:06129.83.31.3Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104695798182241328072019-01-16 3:14:102019-01-16 3:15:1477.136.16.60AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104693242482241328072019-01-15 23:28:122019-01-15 23:29:2671.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESParticipant feedback and testing resultsClinFHIRConnectathon Management ToolTouchstoneHAPI FHIR Server, CQF RulerYES
104692555532241328072019-01-15 22:36:362019-01-15 22:38:0771.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeYESby the number of participantsTouchstoneYES
104692184122241328072019-01-15 22:13:432019-01-15 22:14:1271.42.240.38AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104691901842241328072019-01-15 21:55:472019-01-15 21:56:3071.42.240.38AgreeAgreeAgreeSlightly AgreeNO
104691246922241328072019-01-15 21:04:392019-01-15 21:14:1971.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeI would like to participate in a future connectathon but my attendance will depend on being able to get funding.Strongly AgreeWe prepared our use cases before coming to the connectathon which made us prepared to work with experts and ask questions regarding updating our resources to R4. This allowed us to have a productive connectathon.NO
104690013852241328072019-01-15 20:00:412019-01-15 20:01:26174.207.19.129Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104689525532241328072019-01-15 19:33:362019-01-15 19:36:49140.234.253.9AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeYESdirect observation of goal achievementClinFHIRJSON Editor OnlineYESmore effort on building the FHIR resource instances than on building the FHIR resource definition
104689414192241328072019-01-15 19:27:592019-01-15 19:32:0298.6.156.2AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeCulture. ability to test against real world systems in a developer-friendly environment.AgreeYESparticipation and accomplishments of participants during the weekend. YESThe people that expressed interest in the track in the survey were almost a completely different set of people from who actually participated. I need to do a better job advertising and communicating with my track participants who aren't otherwise affiliated with HL7 or FHIR. It would be great to better support remote participants.
104689099522241328072019-01-15 19:12:142019-01-15 19:12:5099.203.21.102Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104688944522241328072019-01-15 18:56:142019-01-15 19:04:52173.70.122.178Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeIt is valuable to spend face to face time with colleaguesStrongly AgreeThe track met frequently to prepare for the meetingNO
104688732772241328072019-01-15 18:52:272019-01-15 18:54:13107.77.202.95Strongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeFor a better HIT IndustryStrongly DisagreeNO
104688653902241328072019-01-15 18:49:492019-01-15 18:50:2573.176.32.163Strongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeStrongly DisagreeNO
104688611812241328072019-01-15 18:42:342019-01-15 18:48:2067.128.36.114AgreeAgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeNO
104688562352241328072019-01-15 18:45:242019-01-15 18:45:5571.42.240.38AgreeAgreeAgreeAgreeNO
104688541252241328072019-01-15 18:44:112019-01-15 18:44:5274.96.189.18AgreeAgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO
104688490552241328072019-01-15 18:41:282019-01-15 18:42:25159.140.254.105AgreeAgreeAgreeI expect to continue with the same trackAgreeThis was my third time attending so I felt very comfortable with the structure etc.NO
104688488972241328072019-01-15 18:41:492019-01-15 18:42:2171.42.240.38Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO
104688479372241328072019-01-15 18:41:292019-01-15 18:41:53165.239.173.58Strongly AgreeStrongly AgreeStrongly AgreeAgreeNO