HL7 Health Care Devices WG


The mission of the HL7 Health Care Devices WG is to promote practical syntactic and semantic interoperability in electronic communications between point of care devices (infusion devices, anesthesia systems, vital signs monitors, etc.) and personal health devices (glucose meters, weighing scales, etc.) and applications such as:

  • device observation reporting of measurements and state for near-real-time charting, clinical decision support, archiving, and data analytics.
  • device observation reporting of alarms, alerts and events for care coordination
  • detailed data provenance reporting for traceability and quality control needs.
  • device configuration, command and control in conjunction with clinical uses and workflows, as well as healthcare technology management workflows.


Contributing to the development of v2.x, CDA, and FHIR standards and implementation guides facilitating the use of device data, and providing consultation to and collaboration with other work groups in projects involving interactions between devices and other applications.

The Work Group will develop specifications using the principles and language of the Services Aware Interoperability Framework (SAIF) Canonical Definition (CD).

Formal relationships with other HL7 Groups

Orders and Observations WG


Anesthesia WG

Patient Care WG

Public Health and Emergency Response WG

Mobile Health WG

Vocabulary WG

Formal Relationships with groups outside HL7

IEEE 11073 Medical Device Communications Standards Committee

Personal Connected Health Alliance (PCHA) / Continua

IHE PCD Domain

National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)


(Adopted by vote 2019-01-17, San Antonio WGM)