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ProgramDefinitionIncludes, but is not limited to
Benefit Enrollement Assistance ProgramA program that coordinates cross sector benefit eligibility, assessment and application
Child and adult care food program (CFCAP)A government program that provides CACFP reimbursements for nutritious meals and snacks to eligible children and adults who are enrolled for care at participating child care centers, day care homes, and adult day care centers. The program also provides reimbursements for meals served to children and youth participating in afterschool care programs, children residing in emergency shelters, and older adults or living with a disability and enrolled in day care facilities.
Community Action AgencyNon-profit private and public organizations established under the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964 with the aim of helping people achieve self-sufficiency.
Community meal programMeals for a target group.Congregate meals
Community Resource AssistanceHelp connecting individuals with available community resources to address identified social needs
Food and nutrition incentive programFinancial incentives or matching programs to promote consumption of healthful foods including produce via community supported agriculture and other initiatives.Gus Schumacher Nutrition Incentive program Senior farmers market
Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation (FDPIR)Provides USDA Foods to income-eligible households living on Indian reservations and to Native American households residing in designated areas near reservations or in Oklahoma. USDA distributes both food and administrative funds to participating Indian Tribal Organizations and state agencies to operate FDPIR.
Food pantry programA community based supportive food and nutrition program offering food to individuals for consumption., (Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservation) School based pantry
Food prescription programPrescription from a health care provider to access foods recommended, which also includes vegetables, fruits, and prescriptions for other foods.Food Prescription Produce Prescription Veggie Prescription
Food provision programFood offered when a support need is identified. Examples include groceries as part of an education opportunity (e.g., cooking class), commodity food program, food rescue or gleaning program (e.g., produce brought to a clinic), or weekend food backpack program.
Garden programsActions to plant gardens to produce foods for consumption.
Home delivered meal programMeals delivered to a client's place of residence supported or subsidized by a charitable, social, or government agency.Meals on wheels
Meals on wheels programA specific home delivered meal program for eligible older adults and household members with demonstrated social and/or economic need.
Medically tailored meal programMeals delivered to individuals, living with assessed illness, tailored to the medical needs of the recipient by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)
Nutrition and food support programsSupport programs that provide food and/or nutrition resources.
School meal and snack programMeals and snacks that meet specific nutrition standards and are available to school-aged children throughout the year. (
Senior congregate meal programMeals offered in community settings for eligible older adults, and along with eligible supportive individuals.
Senior farmers market programFinancial incentives or matching programs to promote consumption of produce by older adults.
SNAP educationNutrition curricula, a facet of the SNAP program.
Special supplemental nutrition program for women, infants, and children (WIC) programSupplemental foods, health care referrals, and nutrition education for low-income pregnant, breastfeeding, and non-breastfeeding postpartum women, and to infants and children up to age five who are found to be at nutritional risk. ( farmers market program
Summer meal and snack programA program that reimburses program operators who serve free healthy meals and snacks to children and teens in low-income areas. (
Supplemental nutrition assistance program (SNAP)A government based nutrition benefit program to supplement the food budget of qualified families for purchasing food. The US program is currently call the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).(
WIC farmer's market programCoupons for participants of the WIC program to purchase food at farmers markets.