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DMP Addendum Template
Technical Steering Committee (TSC) Adopted on x /xx/2018

Instructions : Only the sections below may be included in any WG or committee DMP Addendum template. Only include those sections that are relevant to your WG or committee and delete the rest from the template. The instructions in turquoise , indicate whether a WG or committee may include the change and under what conditions. Always remove the turquoise instructions before saving and submitting your WG or committee DMP Addendum template. The yellow highlights indicate those areas where the name of the committee or WG should be entered if they are retaining this area in the DMP Addendum Template. The green highlight identifies specific wording within sections that can be modified.

2. ( Name of committee ) The Technical Steering Committee (TSC) is a closed committee . Unless in executive session, anyone maybe present and listen to the discussion without voice. They must identify themselves and if attendin g for a specific agenda item, identify that area of interest. When that agenda item is presented they may at the discretion of the presiding Chair, be called on to provide additional information. ( Include this section only if applic able . If not applicable, remove this section from your committee’s DMP Modification Template )

5.1 Defining Quorum
Quorum for the TSC   ( name of WG )   requires that a C co-c hair and at least 5 individuals representing at least 2 steering divisions ( a number not less than 2 ) other Work Group or committee members be present, where no single organization of party represents more than a simple majority of the voting WG or Committee members present . (Include this section only if your committee is open and wishes to change the quorum requirement . Otherwise, remove this sec tion from your WG or committee D MP Modification Template ) .

7.        Electronic Voting
(Include this section only if your WG or committee wishes to change the areas in green below. If not changes to those sections are required , delete this sec tion from your WG or committee D MP Modification Template ) .

a)       Some decisions considered outside of the WGM may be resolved electronically.

Electronic voting is done for the approval of documents including Project Scope Statements (PSS), Notice of Inte nt to Ballot (NIB), ballot lists, and other documents as determined by the TSC and the TSC Leadership .

b)       will be announced by one of the co-chairs on the WG or Committee list server. Co-chairs may conduct the eVote using the list server or any other tool available to them.

c)        There is no motion made. The document list is distributed to the TSC membership with a column to approve , abstain, or refer or not approve, defe r for discussion (with comments about why the item has been r d eferred) , and abstain . If the motion was NOT made, seconded and discussed during a quorum meeting then, the Co-chair will circulate the motion and request a second via the list service.  Once seconded there will be a period of not less than 3 days of discussion via the list server prior to the opening of the e-vote.

d)       Electronic votes will be held open for a minimum period of 1 week The voting period will be   from Tuesday following the TSC meeting until Friday of the same week for 3 days ending at the next TSC Meeting . Deferred items will be on the agenda for the next Monday TSC meeting defined in the announcement of opening the e-vote .

e)       Quorum for electronic voting must be 5 votes with at least 2 representing at least 2 steering divisions 3 of 4 Steering Divisions, the ArB or International Council members . will be set at   90% of the number of attendees at the last WGM session or conference call at which quorum was achieved. Refer to Section 5 for WGM quorum requirements.   

f)         If quorum has not been achieved by Friday, the vote will be taken in the next TSC conference call or WGM at the end of the announced voting period, the vote will be closed as unsuccessful due to lack of quorum .

g)        The results of electronic votes are Determined as per section 6.1.

8.3 Proxy Allowed – with a closed membership committee

( Enter name of closed Committee ) allows proxy participation and replaces section 8.2 in the Default HL7 Decision-making Practices with section 8.3). (Include this section only if your closed committee wishes to allow proxy participation; otherwise, delete this section from the committee’s DMP Modification Template).