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Cross-Group Projects Work Group

Steering Division: Organizational Support



This Work Group facilitates and manages projects that 1) cross multiple Work Groups and 2) either it is impossible to identify a single work group sponsor or no existing Work Group would be considered a natural home for the project.



The Work Group provides a place for projects that cross multiple Work Groups to be managed and to provide centralized communication and coordination to all the Work Groups in the organization.  The Work Group will facilitate coordination with Work Groups affected by its projects and will provide updates back to those Work Groups.  In certain instances, the Work Group may operate under the oversight of a separate committee such as the TSC, the International Council or the US Realm Steering Committee.  All projects that the Work Group will take on will be approved by the TSC before being submitted to the normal project approval process.  To ensure this occurs, one of the Work Group’s co-chairs will be appointed by the TSC.


Work Products and Contributions to HL7 Processes

This Work Group will manage projects that intend to ballot products that cut across many HL7 Work Groups and Steering Divisions.  In the context of these projects, it will provide a place for coordination amongst multiple Work Groups.  It will provide coordination through the entire lifecycle of the project, including creation of materiel, balloting, and maintenance after publishing.  Although the Organizational Support steering division does not normally ballot material, this Work Group will be balloting products on behalf of the various Work Groups that are working on the project.  This will include, but may not be limited to, the following activities:

  • Posting the Notification of Intent to Ballot
  • Be the owner of the ballot comment resolution process
  • Distributing the ballot comments to the appropriate Work Groups for resolution
  • Ballot reconciliation activities such as posting reconciliation spreadsheets


While this Work Group will coordinate the comment resolution with the various Work Groups involved with the project, it will also have the ability to resolve comments that can not be addressed by other Work G roups, e.g. overarching questions about the scope of the project.


Formal Relationships with Other HL7 Groups

By its mission, this Work Group has a formal relationship with all of the Work Groups in the Administrative Steering Division, the Clinical Steering Division, and the Infrastructure Steering Division.  It also has a relationship with the TSC, the International Council and the US Realm Steering Committee who may assign projects to this group as the need arises.


Formal Relationship with Groups Outside of HL7

This Work Group does not currently have formal relationships with groups outside of HL7.