AMALGAMATION INSTRUCTIONS: - Enable Macros (in Ballot Amalgamation Macro spreadsheet only. You do not need to enable macros in any other spreadsheet.) - Close all ballot Excel files you wish to amalgamate. - Choose whether you are a Submitter or Co-Chair. - Click on the "Amalgamate!" button. - First, choose the spreadsheet you will be amalgamating to, following the “Additional Information” instructions at right (as submitter, that will be your ballot, as co-chair, it will be a blank ballot) - Next, select all ballot spreadsheets to be amalgamated.
I am amalgamating these ballots to submit a single ballot to a committee or to someone who will submit them on my behalf.Amalgamation Results
Ballot Count3
Line Count58
In Person0
I am a Co-Chair amalgamating all of the ballots into a single, final spreadsheet.Negative3
Affirmative Total53
No Vote2