11503-0Medical RecordsNoadded - same as MLB list
75325-1 SymptomNo?symptomatology - set of symptoms exhibited by the pat
80565-5 Medication administration recordNoOK to add
11502-2Laboratory reportNoOK - but will remove 'total encounter'
11526-1Pathology StudyNoadded - same as MLB list
11485-0Anesthesia recordsNoadded - same as MLB list
46212-7Pre operative photoNoOK to add
28011-5ED claims attachmentNoOK to add#NAME?
28633-6Polysomnography (sleep) studyNoOK to add
28629-4Perimetry StudyNoOK to add
11514-7Chiropractic Records total EncounterNoOK to addChiropractic Record Episode of care
28636-9Initial evaluation noteNoTBD w/SDWG
18682-5Ambulance claims attachmentNoOK to add Ambulance Record
57828-6Prescription ListNoOK to add
34118-0Patient's home Initial evaluation noteNoTBD w/SDWG
67716-1Vendor device modelNo?duplicate
54522-8Functional statusNo47420-5 Fucntional Status Assessment Note - to be added
52063-5Prescription for durable medical equipment (DME)Noalready on the Tab
57073-9Prenatal Events NarrativeNoOK to add - Prenatal Record
76641-0Neurology Study reportNoOK to add
24338-6Gas panel - BloodNouse lab results
80792-5Pulmonary Diagnostic study noteNoOK to add
15508-5Labor and delivery recordsNoOK to add
88363-7Medical equipment or product noteNo?for generic description of services supplies or equipment
18780-7Ordering practitioner identifierNo?already on the claim
80785-9Radiation oncology Plan of care noteNoOK to add