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12 wks out11 wks out10 wks out9 wks out8 wks out7 wks out6 wks out5 wks out4 wks out3 wks out2 wks out1 wks out0 wks outDay 1Day 21 wk after
Update Connectathon Wiki
Call for Track Proposals
Circulate Pre-Connectathon Survey for Participants to all who are registered
Develop Orientation Slides for Track Leads
Distribute Orientation template to Track Leads
Schedule Orientation Sessions for each track
Post Orientation Slides to wiki for each track
Post recordings of orientation meetings
Distribute list of participants to each track lead
Distribute final logistical details
Hold Track Lead Orientation Session w Grahame
Hold Tooling Orientatin Session
Create Table layout
Double check network accomodations
Create Announcements for during Event (one deck for each morning)
Identify an MC3.5 weeks
Create slide deck for Grahame's report out700 changes
Check in individual track leadsaverages 20 min a change
Develop Report out Process and work with individual track leads
On-site way finding & in person meet & greet
Hold FHIR Connectathon Planning Meetings
Respond to questions and concerns from participant survey
Send first timers resources in email
Circulate Post Connectathon Survey to all who participated`1
Synthesize feedback data and review with the team
Notify Clinicians on FHIR of which tracks would like clinical help