Coordinated Registry Network (CRN) HL7 Implementation Guide (IG) Workgroup (WG)

Meeting Date & Time

Tuesday, August 6, 2019 at 2:00 pm ET






Becky Angeles


Behnaz  Minaei


Nagesh Bashyam (Dragon)


JaWanna Henry


Gayathri Jayawardena


Myron Finseth


Richard Ballew


Vaishnavi Rao


Rob Samples


Ioana Singureanu


Terrie Reed


Marti Velezis


Lisa Lang


Patrick McLaughlin


Abdullah Rafiqi


Robin Taylor


Christina Nguyen


Lindsey Hoggle


Craig Newman


Vahan Simonyan


Yanyan Hu


Mike Flanigan


Sweta Ladwa


Clem McDonald



FHIR Tracker Comments

The group reviewed the remaining tickets to discuss the final disposition.

  • Tracker #20789, 21016 - Adverse Events (AEs)
    • No response was received from the FDA Clinical WG.  Need to aggressively follow up on the following: Does it need to be retained in the CDEs and if so, we need additional details on the data elements to be retained.
  • Tracker #21309 - Specific Questionnaires
    • Example questionnaires will be added to the IG for reference.
  • Tracker#21311 - Increase in provider burden by increasing data collection
    • Provider burden is reduced by using an auto-populatable questionnaire.  Will send this to George to confirm he is satisfied with this resolution.
  • Tracker #21313 - De-personalization of patient data
    • Art and Courtney responded.  The registries that collect the data will have informed consent from patients, thus they do not need to de-identify their own data; however if any other party analyzes the data it will need to be de-identified before being shared.  This is standard practice.
    • Will add this response to the IG.  Will forward this response to commenter to ensure it satisfies their concern.
  • Tracker #21317, 21319 - UDI pattern ballot comments
    • Will attach the Device CRN Profiles provided by Marti to the ticket.
    • Will revise the IG based on this information.
  • Block Vote for BR&R WG
    • Will occur once final approval received on these resolutions.  Support Team will obtain approval by 8/9.
    • Following approval, email should be sent to BR&R WG listserv (on Tuesday).  Email should include a two-column table with the Ticket Number and Commenter, which includes a hyperlink to the ticket. 


Next Steps

  • Support Team to follow-up with commenters individually to confirm resolutions discussed on this call are acceptable.
  • Following approval, Support Team will email BR&R WG listserv and request to be added to agenda for next week’s BR&R WG Call.