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Ordering Clinician Survey

Dear --- (Can the submitting organization customize the title?)

The MITRE Corporation HL7 Da Vinci project [AN1] is engaged in efforts with multiple industry stakeholders in supporting the development of standards-based electronic health data exchange services to determine coverage and documentation requirements. In an effort to better understand readiness in the field to implement this approach and its future feasibility for ordering durable medical equipment (DME), we are gathering input from ordering clinicians and other industry partners on these efforts.

To provide some background and context:


Different insurance providers and different plans within the same insurance provider often have different coverage criteria or certain patient conditions that must be met for DME. Prior authorization and documentation requirements to support coverage often vary across payers as well.

Healthcare providers who fail to properly document and provide the necessary information when ordering DME items are subject to back-and-forth communications from the supplier to collect the additional information or potentially have their claim denied by the payer. Additionally, if the patient does not meet criteria, there can be increased costs for patients and/or additional visits to change ordered therapy, resulting in increased costs for everyone.


Your answers to this survey are very important in helping us determine the feasibility of this approach to improving compliance with documentation requirements and reducing the burden associated with ordering DME.

Please click on the following survey link to answer the questions. Ordering clinicians such as physicians, nurses or case managers would be most appropriate to provide survey responses. The survey should take approximately 10 minutes to complete. If you can complete the survey by November 16 [AN2] at the latest, we would really appreciate that. If you have any questions about the survey, please contact [AN3] ----

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For more information on this effort, please go to: .


[AN1] Decision to be made on who is going to deploy this survey – MITRE or Da Vinci.

[AN2] Depending on when the survey is actually deployed, this date may need to move out to Nov 23 rd .

[AN3] Add a contact name here, depending on whether MITRE or Da Vinci is going to deploy this survey.