CBORD’s last work on Nutrient Intake was largely experimental, with the following aims that each can spin out several use cases:


  1. Being able to represent and exchange data about the foods a patient is allowed to eat (patient specific menu);
  2. Being able to represent the choices made by a patient (order a tray);
  3. Being able to update the food choices with actual consumption percentages (not the same as I/O’s as the data is approximate; could be done by dietary staff, nursing staff, or perhaps self-reported);
  4. Being able to exchange nutrition data related to food consumed (incl. CHO for glucose monitoring).


In trying to use the FHIR Observation resource, it was cumbersome to accommodate our use food and nutrition data associated with a Patient.   This data is organized by date + meal and includes recordings of what food was consumed in the past, as well as possible future choices, with 1:M cardinalities.

  • Patron Admission 1:M to Patron Meal
  • Patron Meal 1:M Food Item
  • Food Item 1:M Nutrients