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Recommend remove the word "local" from text in Step 3FHIR-26332142381Persuasivemark_bellezzabryn.rhodesStep 3 in Figure 1-1: The Quality Improvement Ecosystem Diagram states: Clinical Decision Support – Making it happen within the “local” workflow Clinical Decision Support can occur at higher levels also, even between EHRs in different Healthcare systems due to various exchange mechanisms, e.g., HIEs, or other interfaces Note that reference to Step 3 in paragraph above the figure does not reference the term “local”Agree.  Will remove the word 'local' from text.ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1Home1.3.1, Figure 1.1
Recommend the IOM name be updated to the current name: National Academy of Medicine (NAM)FHIR-26330142377Persuasivemark_bellezzabryn.rhodes: Institute of Medicine (IOM) has a new name National Academy of Medicine (NAM)Agree.  Will update text to 'National Academy of Medicine'ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1Introduction2.1
Spell out HQMF acronym on first useFHIR-26326142369Persuasive with Modificationklsalzmanbryn.rhodesh3. Proposed Wording: High Quality Measurment Format-spell out acronyms in document on first use please-found it later in the document….thanksAgree.  Will spell out 'Health Quality Measure Format (HQMF)' on first use.  ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1Home2.7 and 2.7.3
Add extensions to identify the packaging and testing tooling for a measure/libraryFHIR-25740140959Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesNeed to be able to specify the software systems used in the packaging and testing of measure and library resources. Specifically to know which version of what software was used.Agree.  Will add extensions to be able to handle versions in measure library.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(profiles)
Packaging sectionFHIR-25722140891Persuasivemitrep9gmitrep9g# section numbers are not displayed (i.e., section 5), unlike other pages that show the section numbers. # Add statement to make sure that packaging of code systems and value sets have appropriate copyright and intellectual property protections.Agree.  Will add section numbers throughout and statement about copyrights.  EnhancementNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Constraint numbering doesn't follow conventionFHIR-25720140889Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe constraint definitions `1`, `2`, `3`, and so on do not follow the normal convention of using a short 3-letter abbreviation for the resource. This should be corrected for consistency with the constraint naming convention.Agree, will update.  CorrectionNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(profiles)
Glossary - definition of StratificationFHIR-25712140880Persuasivepatricia-craigpatricia-craig*Current definition:*  {color:#333333}Criteria used to classify populations into one or more characteristics, variables, or other categories. As subsets of the overall population, {color:#0747a6}stratifications are used in risk adjustment{color}, analysis and interpretation. Examples of stratification include age, discharge status for an inpatient stay, facility location within a hospital (e.g., ICU, Emergency Department), surgical procedures, and specific conditions.{color} {color:#333333}*Issue:*  Stratification is a method or form of risk adjustment, not soemthing that is "used in" risk adjustment.{color} {color:#333333}CMS' and the Joint Commission's common defintion (found in the{color:#172b4d} _Specifications Manual for National Hospital Inpatient Quality Measures_):{color}  {color:#001000}Stratification - A form of risk adjustment which involves classifying data into strata based on one or more characteristics, variables, or other categories.{color}{color} {color:#172b4d}*Suggested definition:*{color} {color:#b01600}{color:#333333}Criteria used to classify populations into one or more characteristics, variables, or other categories. *{color:#0747a6}These -As-{color}* subsets of the overall population, {color:#0747a6}*or* {color}{color:#0747a6}{color:#172b4d}stratifications,{color} *are a form of* *-used in-*{color}{color:#172b4d} risk adjustment{color}, *{color:#0747a6}and are used{color}* in analysis and interpretation. Examples of stratification include age, discharge status for an inpatient stay, facility location within a hospital (e.g., ICU, Emergency Department), surgical procedures, and specific conditions.{color}{color}Agree, will adopt as proposed.  ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)A.22 Stratification
Use new template-based publishing mechanismFHIR-25694140862Considered for Future Usemitrep9gmitrep9gConsider using newer template, which would provide a Table of Contents and other features to be consistent with best practices for IG publishing (see Related URL).Template based approach for publication will be considered for this round of publication, however no change is required at this time.  Block-Vote-1(many)
Align with final published QI-CoreFHIR-25672140837Persuasivemitrep9gmitrep9gAs of 27 Jan 2020, updates to QI-Core based on resolution of September 2019 ballot comments are still being applied, and the final version has not been published. Quality Measure IG should reference the final published version of QI-Core and align with it.Agree.  QA will be performed to ensure QM IG aligns with final published version of QI-CoreBlock-Vote-1(many)
Add versioning and lifecycle guidance for MeasuresFHIR-25645140796Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesAdd versioning and lifecycle guidance for Measure resources to the eCQM conformance requirements page.  Agree, will add guidance as proposed.  EnhancementNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Provide additional versioning and lifecycle guidanceFHIR-25644140795Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesExpand the versioning conformance requirement and guidance discussion to include lifecycle and additional versioning guidance. Specifically: draft - No expectation of content being static active - Content SHALL be the same for the same version  Agree.  Will expand conformance as proposed.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Relax requirement for both XML and JSON; require only oneFHIR-25641140792Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe CQFM Library profile (and related conformance requirements) require that Library instances include both XML and JSON formats of ELM. Relax this requirement to allow for only one of XML or JSON.Agree.  Will relax requirement so that only one is required.  EnhancementNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Require profile in CQFM MeasureFHIR-25640140791Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe CQFM Measure profile should require that measure instances declare their profileAgree, will adopt as proposed.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Require profile in CQFM LibraryFHIR-25639140790Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe CQFM library profile should require that conformant instances declare the profile.Agree.  Will adopt as proposed.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Measure resources SHALL provide narrativeFHIR-25638140789Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe cqfm-measure profile should require that Measure resources provide a Narrative, and that that narrative should be a complete human-readable representation of the measure specification.Agree.  Will adopt as proposed.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Library resources SHALL provide narrativeFHIR-25637140788Persuasivebryn.rhodesbryn.rhodesThe cqfm-Library profile should require Library resources to provide Narrative, and that narrative SHOULD be the CQL for the library.Agree, will adopt as proposed.  EnhancementCompatible, substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)
Based on the VSAC formatting, all value sets are defined as "http" not "https"FHIR-25545140629PersuasivemnieveramnieveraSee the section examples- the value sets are using both http and https, but should only be using http. examples of proposed wording... valueset "Encounter Inpatient SNOMEDCT Value Set": '|20160929'   | "valueSet": "\|20160929"|Agree.  Will update to reflect HTTP and not HTTPSCorrectionNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)3.1,3.2, 3.3
Adding some explanation of measure test case basics would be useful for implementers.FHIR-25510140540Persuasivejavier_espinajavier_espinaI was not aware of measure test cases (which can be packaged). Their basics are not really explained in this IG or in the Main FHIR spec (under Measure). Adding some explanation would be useful for implementers.Agreed.  Will add narrative text to section.  ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)Packaging
It would be very appropriate to mention the name(s) or link to the described conversion tooling.FHIR-25509140539Persuasivejavier_espinajavier_espina"Tooling exists to support translation of CQL to ELM for distribution in XML or JSON formats. These distributions are included with eCQMs to facilitate implementation. The existing translator tooling applies to both measure and decision support development, and has several options available to make use of different data models in different environments."       -> This text explains that tooling exists and describes some of the tooling properties. Therefore it would be very appropriate to mention the name(s) or link to the described tooling.Agree.  Will update section to include link to tooling.  ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)4.11
Suggest to delete 2.2, since it is a repetition of 1.2FHIR-25482140511Persuasivejavier_espinajavier_espinaSuggest to delete 2.2, since it is a repetition of 1.2Agreed, section 2.2 is repetitious of 1.2 on the home page.  Will delete as proposed.  ClarificationNon-substantiveBlock-Vote-1(NA)2.2