HL7 AWG 2018 Attachments Education Draft
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1Home page button for attachments for HL7 supporting documents/accessAt HL7.org home page, something similar to the FHIR button. Possibly a paperclip Attachments button. This button will link to a page that shares information on the Attachments regulation and related links to sites and materials.Links: 1. Federal Register / required standards 2. HL7 Reference Materials The following list of reference materials are essential to implementing attachments and are located on the HL7 website. • Quick Start Guide for CDA R2 • HL7 Consolidated Clinical Document Architecture Release 2 (C-CDA R2) • HL7 CDA® R2 Attachment Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 1 – US Realm (STU) (HL7 Guide) • HL7 CDA® R2 Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents; Periodontal Attachment, Release 1 - US Realm. • HL7 Companion Guide for C-CDA R2 • HL7 Clinical Documents for Payers Set 1 (CDP1) • HL7 Digital Signatures and Delegation of Rights Release 1 3. Guidance on Implementation of Standard Electronic Attachments for Healthcare Transactions 4. FAQ (TBD) 5. Submit questions to HL7 helpdesk and direct to AWG ??? 6. X12 Standards – x12.org Need to speak with Karen Van Hendenryck on vetting the new Attachments Button on HL7 home pageDurwin
2HL7 Attachments FAQs (living document)Need draft a current state Attachments FAQ for the HL7 AWGThe Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section will be part of our AWG HL7 site where HL7 members can review or ask about common concerns, questions regards to Attachment standards. This will be a living document and FAQs updated as new questions are vetted and answered.a. Remove or move to archive (move to archive) b. Create PSS for new FAQs (AWG, US Realm and TSC approval) c. Work with Karen and other for HL7 Helpdesk guidance d. Where do questions go for X12 vs. HL7 vs. CORE? i. Could use WEDI Database for entry of issue & WEDI direct to the appropriate organization. This will allow us to develop an FAQ as well as a one stop shop for the industry. ii. HL7 items would come to the helpdesk or workgroup directly. If helpdesk, how would WG track the issues as someone needs to update WEDI database. iii. ACP, Attachment supplemental guide etc. iv. Develop a workflow of issues, tracking methodology, process to address questions quickly. i. IFC/NPRM a. b. Christol c. d.
3LOINC & OIDsNeed Education aroung Logical Observation Identification Names and Codes (definitive standard for identifying clinical information in electronic reports.) And Object Identifiers (OID's)Produce materials to explain the why, what and where LOINC and OIDs are used within Attachment transations. a. What are they in regards to attachments b. How are they used in attachments? c. Modifier codes d. LOINC database i. How to obtain ii. What do you need to know (access, download?, online) iii. How to use 1. HIPAA tab 2. Search ability – OID vs description 3. Best matches e. PWK 01 (LOINC Codes) f. State Mandates /mapping a. b. c. d. e. f.
4HL7 CDA® R2 Attachment Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 1 This Guide is intended to be used along with the CDA Implementation Guides for Attachments and provides guidance to implementers as they develop the means for exchanging supporting information. This Guide will serve to direct implementers to the appropriate HL7 implementation standard used to format the content based on the clinical document being exchanged as an Attachment. Refer to the appropriate CDA Implementation Guides for Attachments for additional information regarding levels of constraint, conformance statements, conformance verbs, cardinality, vocabulary conformance, and null flavor. This Guide is independent of the method for exchange (e.g., transport, networking, connectivity, security/privacy). This Guide will refer to healthcare supporting/additional information as Attachments. Produce a series of educational documents/presentations to cover the HL7 Attachments Implentation Guide.a. Detailed walk through of the document i. How to read ii. How to use b. Section 7 conformance statement. c. Section 3.3.1 – need to clarify the body description and what this means. i. nonXMLBody is used when the content is an external file such as a TIFF image, MS RTF document, PDF, etc. (See Table 1 for the complete list).The NonXMLBody class is provided for those applications that can do no more than simply wrap an existing non-XML document with the CDA Header. ii. structuredBody is used when the body will be XML structured content. XML structured content is always inserted into the structuredBody element, never as an external file. The StructuredBody contains one or more Section components. 1. Show example of: a. All HL7 structure b. Structured w/external (PDF as an example) c. Structured with text d. Base64 – i. What does it mean, why and how examples?
5ACP Attachments White PaperThis paper is intended as a resource to aid the transition from the current, largely manual exchange of health care attachments to a more efficient, electronic process. The paper is a single resource document for implementers to use to help them get started in their implementation planning for the request and receipt of electronic attachments.Webinar sessions to provide an overview of Health Level 7 International (HL7) and their role in the implementation of electronic attachments. HL7 experts will walk through the document required to implement attachments.a. PSS approval: AWG, US Realm, TSC, ArB b. Ballot c. Reconciliation a. Christol and Durwin: AWG completed, US Realm completed, TSC -Christol sent to Melva Peters 1/31, Arb- Durwin working with Tony Julian 2/1 email b. May Ballot - For the May 2018 Ballot Cycle, the next deadline is the Notification of Intent to Ballot Form deadline on Sunday, February 25th. The on-line Notification of Intent to Ballot form (off of the TSC Utilities page) is available at: http://www.hl7.org/special/committees/tsc/ballotmanagement/index.cfm c. Reconciliation - AWGa. 1/1/2018a. AWG revised doc 1/31, US Realm 1/9,
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