Laura Heermann Langford and Jim McClay presented portions of the 2019 CIC FHIR Workshopentitled "Clinicians Not Burned Out - but on FHIR"

The contents of the presentation are available on from the Clinicians on FHIR Confluence page for the Workshop.

AMIA 2018 FHIR Tutorial

Laura Heermann Langford is leading a FHIR tutorial at AMIA 2018 in San Francisco this week (November 3, 2018). Jim McClay will be helping out.This four hour tutorial introduces the HL7 Clinical testing process for FHIR resources. Attendees will interactively access the CLINFhir server and learn to explore FHIR architecture.

W07: Clinicians on FHIR®: Zero Percent Contained

L. Heermann Langford, Intermountain Healthcare; R. Leftwich, Intersystems; V. Nguyen, Stratametrics; C. Parker, PAREXEL; J. McClay, UNMC; R. Handzel, University of Pittsburgh

Beginning in 2010 HL7 created Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) as a next generation standard to address clinical data interoperability. Clinicians on FHIR evolved in 2014 as an event held at each HL7 Working Group Meeting (3 times yearly) to educate clinicians about HL7 FHIR and provide feedback to the HL7 FHIR team regarding the clinical viability and usability of the FHIR standard. This workshop will bring the Clinicians on FHIR activity to a broader clinical audience attending the Annual Symposium. It is designed to educate attendees about HL7 FHIR and tools available to access, review, and provide feedback to the HL7 FHIR team regarding the evolving HL7 FHIR standard. It is also intended to make the audience aware of the potential of FHIR for innovation in their organizations. The faculty will provide lectures describing HL7 FHIR history, background, and fundamental principles. Examples of applications using the SMART on FHIR platform will also be discussed. After this initial overview of FHIR, the attendees will be guided through using online tools to examine HL7 FHIR Resources (the basic building blocks of FHIR) and build FHIR Profiles (implementation guides for specific use cases) for care plan and care coordination use cases. Additionally, the facilitators will demonstrate the use of the SMART Python Client and instruct users on developing FHIR-based applications in Python.