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1. We need to carefully think about how we want to place this with respect to the hl7 home space and the Co-Chair handbook.  Making an intuitive approach to single source of truth  is very critical. 

2. We should consider setting up an advisory committee of expert users who can give input on topics like this.  Maybe we reach out to 4 or 5 expert users first, then later invite others to participate later as they exhibit interest and useful knowledge.  Could be a Confluence@HL7 user group.

3. We need to give basic advice on how to set up agendas and minutes, including how specifically to handle attendance at WGMs and Telecons.  The WGM advice should describe joint WG meetings and project meetings (which may meet separately from WGs — perhaps even more so in the future).

4.  We need to clarify when to use Confluence action items vs. Confluence Decisions vs. JIRA tickets

5.  We should assert somewhere that people should link back to or the old Wiki rather than duplicate content.

6.  We need to explain how to set up projects vs. WG spaces/pages.

7.  We probably have to remind them how to edit group-authored documents and how to comment and when to Like.

8.  We’ll probably need to says something about voting and other special topics in the future.

Additional practices

Limit redundancy of pages/exports/attachments. If pages need to be viewed let them live and just navigate there or link. No need to export a page, attach it to another page, download it and make copies then upload. 

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