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  • R4B, Extensible

Discussion items


Code System Life Cycle and Unification
  1. WG meeting discussion with FHIR-I Policy for terminology in FHIR IGs
  2. Vocab Task Force 
    1. Note that the deprecation discussion is leaning towards not using the word temporary or provisional in Code System / Value Set urls for use when initially created - based on connectathon break out on deprecated code system identifiers.
    2. See notes here: 2021-01-18 Vocab Chair Agenda/Minutes
    3. See notes here where the group was reaching consensus:  Jan 2021 - HL7 WGM - Thursday Q3 Minutes
    4. FHIR-30319 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  3. Code System Unification ObservationInterpretation is a good example
    1. UP-162 - Getting issue details... STATUS   Develop a policy for adding new concepts to CodeSystems not yet aligned.
      1. Related to this motion accepted on Thursday 1/28/2021 WGM Q1: The Vocabulary WG recommends that the groups working with the v2 publication formats and tooling consider that going forward the enumerated content of v2 tables is given by the expansion of the THO value set associated with the table.  Note to motion: the implication is that codes in tables may be drawn from more that one code system across more than one HL7 product silo.

Feb 1, 2021 Discussion

Policy ownership? Is this policy specific to FHIR or are there applications beyond FHIR? The terminology governance group has not yet been formed. 

Vocab owns anything related to THO. 

Open issues related to ownership.

  1. Corpus of terminology is split between THO, terminology in separate product lines, and terminology in IGs
  2. High level policies should be managed across all 3 (e.g. external), others may be specific to a product line
  3. The pages "Using CodeSystemX in FHIR (or C-CDA, or V2)" should be aligned with HTA policies and remain in the realm of the product family

Action item: compare/merge material from WGM Policy for terminology in FHIR IGs and the Vocab material during the Task Force call today. 

Vocab policy pageRob M.

Rob suggests that we start to use this page actively to record vocab policies in preparation for creation of a vocab management/governance group. We need to have crisp, concise statements to reference. Vocabulary Work Group Policy Statements

R4BRob H/Reuben

Dashboard with identified JIRAs  

Still some tickets that require a vote:

FHIR-30319 - Getting issue details... STATUS   naming system deprecated identifier policy

FHIR-30585 - Getting issue details... STATUS     xor 

FHIR-29968 - Getting issue details... STATUS   extensible definition

FHIR-30099 - Getting issue details... STATUS   VSD-P

FHIR-25273 - Getting issue details... STATUS   value set purpose, useContext and description definition alignment 

R4B is going to ballot soon. Marc Duteau will be helping Rob apply the changes.


Rob H: Discussions about approach have been held with Marc who is starting with the VSD-P related tickets. Rob H will take on the other tickets. Note there is one ConceptMap ticket in R4B - the dragon warning. Updates planned for this week. GG is back from holiday. 

No ticket review or voting. 

Extensible definition

Rob M.

During the WGM, Rob M suggested that we schedule a meeting ASAP to come to agreement.

Policy on the use of extensible value set bindings

This was discussed at length during Q5 Tuesday during the WGM. Jan 2021 - HL7 WGM - Tuesday Q5 Minutes

See discussion notes from previous co-chair call: 2021-01-18 Vocab Chair Agenda/Minutes

Should we also review the definition of preferred binding strength? 

How to distinguish between extensible and preferred?


We reviewed the WGM Tuesday Q5 minutes and noted that the suggested corollary "

  1. if a code is sent that is not from the value set expansion that decision logic can infer that the concept is not in the conceptual space covered by the value set (e.g. if the value set includes the concept diabetes, and a code outside the value set is sent, decision logic can infer that diabetes is not the condition conveyed)"
    only applies in some situations.
  2. The attendees at the meeting proposed some rules for use that should be refined. 
  3. The difference between extensible and preferred is still under discussion. 
  4. When extensible is used, there is an expectation that the receiver will be performing computational decision logic on the code - downstream to acceptance of the code. 

Vocab will take the material created so far, combine, organize and propose to the following community members (via Zulip). To be discussed in co-chair skype channel.

All vocab co-chairs

FHIR-I co-chairs  (Rick, Yunwei & Lloyd, Josh Mandel) 

M&M Jean Duteau, GG, AMS, Ron Shapiro

Michael Lawley, Dion 


CPT4 Syntax 

Did not get to this topic

Supporting C-CDA FHIR IG

Did not get to this topic

From WGM. How does C-CDA address terminology quality now that Term Info cannot be referenced?  

Co-chair webinar schedule

Did not get to this topic


Co-chair webinars collide with main WG call once a month. Do we want to try and change the day/time.

Ted asked Sadhana about this schedule. She has not yet answered. 


Did not get to this topic

AllVocab participants should be reviewing ballots - at least one co-chair should review the ballot for a sponsored project

Ticket prioritization

Did not get to this topic

R5 upcomingR5 and moving forward.

Action items