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Management Minute Approval2021-01-14 InM WG Agenda/MinutesApproved - General Consent 
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[V2-15] Conditional usage in CNN data type flavor is too restrictive - Jira (

Should be public health, NOT InM. 

Table HL7 0201

Vassil Peytchev:  Direct is ok, but NOT direct trust endpoint. 

Nick Radov : should align with the public statements of Direct Trust - and reflect the direct standard, not a specific implementation.

Vassil Peytchev: DirectTrust network : Code needs to be DIR - there is a three character limit. 

Motion: proponent should submit a request through the UTG process to add the code DIR to HL7 Table 0201 with the description "Direct Protocol".  MM Nick Radov/ S: Craig Newman  5-0-0 

 E.G. ^DIR^Internet^<someidentifier>



 Next agenda

 - Already agreed to FHIRCast calls Q3W

 - V2 Quality Criteria Ballot Recon - 4 meetings 

 - Touch base on Notifications - TBD 

 - Need to unravel the FHIR messaging - TBD 

   - Base spec needs rework - is confusing.

 Adjourned at 12:00 PDT

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Table 0201

The HL7 0201 value set needs an additional concept that is more specific than “Network”. We specifically need “DirectTrust Network” to be added.  Direct is a special type of secure messaging which supports endpoints that are also usable as telecom addresses on the DirectTrust Network.

My ask is to have the concept “DTNET” added to the HL7 0201 table.  It also needs to be added to Telecom Use Value Set in VSAC which means it needs to be added to the HL7 Address Use Code System.

In FHIR, this very same data element is bound to the value set called ContactPointUse.  So the code “DTNet” (concept DirectTrust Network) also needs to be added to contact-point-use code system:

Finally, we need to update these maps that make this complexity digestible.

Rob, I know we intend to talk about Value Set alignment at the WG meeting.  Would this make a good example of the need? 

I have a need to be able to represent a Direct Address as an email for a Patient.  We can use PID.13.4 for the email, and we can use PID.13.2 with use=NET, but it isn’t quite specific enough.  We want to specifically identify that this email address is a Consumer Direct Address.  Direct Trust has an OID that is used to identify this namespace (  But I think this element requires a code from value set Table 0201.  What would be required to add a code for DirectTrust (note that I am specifically asking for a code to name this Network because trusted identities are includes by policy.  It is important to distinguish that the address is from this specific network. 

Note that this value sets needs to align with the corresponding value set used in FHIR. What can be done to make it possible to have an alignment policy so that when we go in to touch a value set, we automatically clear up any alignment problems at the same time.

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