The SMART on FHIR v1 IG has been widely adopted for clinician- and patient-facing app integration into EHRs and other FHIR data systems. Based on community feedback, the Argonaut Project has undertaken a 2020 effort to revise and improve the SMART App Launch IG. A key area of focus in adding support for "granular permissions," e.g. to provide access to resources at the category level in addition to the type level. This would allow apps to request narrower access, like "all vital signs" rather than "all observations." 

Continuous build:

2021 Ballot Plan

Draft change log (see tracker FHIR-30578) for upcoming ballot - full log to be included in the ballot:

  • clarification on launch context scopes
  • new scope syntax for granular permissions
  • POST-based authorization
  • addition of PKCE to authorization requirements
  • profiling on token introspection
  • guidance for communicating permissions to end users
  • update discovery properties to support these changes

Open HL7 Process items:

SMART Project ID : 1341 (TSC Approval Date Aug 17, 2017)  ** Project End Date 2021 May WGM extended to 2024 May WMG **

  • Sunday, Mar 7, 2021 - NIB Deadline

NIB: 2021 May Ballot Cycle

  • Tuesday, Mar 23, 2021 - FHIR Connectathon Proposals Due
  • Sunday, Apr 11, 2021 Final Content Deadline
  • Apr 13 – 14, 2021 - Ballot Readiness sign-off/publish for ballot
  • Publication Checklist

  • Apr 16, 2021 - May 17, 2021 2021 May Ballot Cycle


Project Documents

SMART v2 is following the FHIR Implementation Guide Process Flow

Publishing Task list

  •  Resolve and Apply all Trackers
  • Submit Reconciliation Spreadsheet and notify Commenters (JM)
  •  QA
    • review applied trackers  (question)
    • errors and warnings - document and get variances  (EH)
    • update ignoreWarnings.txt (EH)
    • update to latest ig publisher and review address any new validation checks (EH)
    • final QA read through (EH following Bas QA edits updated by JM)
  • update title and version to proper version 2.0.0 (EH)

  • update Jira tracker file (EH)
  • update package-list.json (EH)
    •  update current to proper version 2 (EH)
    • update description (EH)
    • figure out the URL conundrum with GG  (EH see zulip chat)

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