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  • Keith Boone
  • Katie Iser
  • Andrew Northup
  • Austin Kreisler
  • Ahmed Tahir
  • Kathy Bridson
  • Dave Pyke
  • Shuai Zheng
  • Sheila Abner
  • Rick Geimer
  • Dan Pollock


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Hot Topics

  • Put together the Measure definitions and outline them
    • Medications Measure
    • Skilled Nursing Measure
    • COVID Risk Factors/Comorbidities
      • Have a value set applicable to Condition
      • Patients with and without COVID-19
      • Tackles severity of condition which impacts resources, hospital load, how long their hospital stay is, and also tracks to outside the hospital.
      • Can also affect ambulatory, outpatient, and transplants.
      • Stratified by COVID-19 status
    • COVID Complications - this one will have a time aspect

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