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"Making Science Computable"

Help Us Overcome COVID-19 Impact at the Speed of Thought

To accelerate identifying, processing, and disseminating knowledge about COVID-19,

we develop standards and support tools for computable expression of evidence and guidance

Weekly Meeting Schedule


Time (Eastern)



7-8 am 

Project Management


9-10 am

Systematic Meta-Review Project Group


1-2 pm

Terminology and Ontology WG


10-11 am

Common Metadata Framework WG


2-3 pm 

Research Design WG


8-9 am 

Knowledge Ecosystem Liaison WG


9-10 am

Statistic Standard and Terminology WG


9-10 am

Content Citation and Classification Tools Development WG


4-5 pm 

Project Management


9-10 am 

Risk of Bias Terminology and Tooling WG


10-11 am 

Communications (Awareness, Scholarly Publications) WG

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You are welcome to join us!

Please email with any questions.

For all of the above meetings: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

+1 929-346-7156   United States, New York City (Toll)

Conference ID: 324 918 025#

Local numbers

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COKA Scholarly Communications Working Groups

Communications Working Group

Goal: The communications working group for the COVID-19 Knowledge Accelerator project will:

  1. Develop messages for increasing awareness of COKA activities.

  2. Develop messages for increasing engagement with COKA activities.

  3. Develop products (scholarly publications and presentations) related to COKA activities.

Communications Working Group Google Drive Folder

Systematic Meta Review Project Group 

Goal:  To determine the consistency of findings and judgments across systematic reviews of corticosteroid treatment for COVID-19,

determine the most current accurate findings, and document the findings in computable resources for efficient updating and dissemination

Systematic Meta Review Project Group Google Drive Folder 

COKA Common Metadata Framework Working Group

The Common Metadata Framework Working Group had its first meeting February 2, 2021. This is a NEW project and relates to multiple developments including:

      • Unifying the pattern of metadata elements across all the EBMonFHIR-related FHIR Resources.

      • Proposing a unified pattern of metadata elements across FHIR Resources using the MetadataResource Resource pattern

      • Coordinating these efforts with the FAIRness for FHIR (FHIR4FAIR) project: FAIR = Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable

      • Coordinating these efforts with Mobilizing Computable Biomedical Knowledge (MCBK) efforts identifying metadata categories to make CBKs FAIR and Trustable

      • Our proposal for a unified pattern of metadata elements across FHIR Resources using the MetadataResource Resource pattern (noted in the MetadataResource Proposal spreadsheet) was received well in a FAIRness for FHIR (FHIR4FAIR) project meeting.  Finding a time for this group to meet may end up occurring during one of our other Wednesday meetings.  If so we may reschedule some COKA meetings to find the best adjustment.

Terminology and Ontology Working Group

We have > 400 terms across 4 codes systems (Statistic Type, Statistic Model, Study Design, Risk of Bias) and mapped to 9 of 27 ontologies so far.   The terms and properties are currently stored in > 10 spreadsheets with multiple sheets per file, and the adjustments needed when a code system term changes is a bit unwieldy.

We desire a future state in which all this knowledge can be managed coherently to support FHIR structures as well as to support ontology development.

Potential developments include:

  1. Moving this knowledge into FHIR structures (CodeSystem, ValueSet, and ConceptMap Resources)

  2. Moving this knowledge into OWL/RDF ontological structure, which could support Protégé as an interface

  3. Bridging transformations between FHIR structure and OWL/RDF ontological structure

COKA Infrastructure Working Groups

COKA Project Management Working Group

COKA Project Management Google Folder 

Goal: Administration and coordination of the COKA initiative

COKA Knowledge Ecosystem Liaison Working Group

Knowledge Ecosystem Liaison Working Group Google Drive Folder

 Goal: To liaise with other groups to coordinate with COKA efforts

Previously named the COKA Recommendation/CDS Liaison Work Group assembled to coordinate with other consortia

(e.g. ACTS, CDC ACG, COVID-END, SRDR) to apply COKA related concepts to knowledge acceleration for recommendations and clinical decision support.

COKA Code System Development Working Groups

Current Status of Code System Development

Study DesignStatistic TypeStatistic ModelRisk of BiasTOTAL
# Expert Working Group Members4333313162

# Tools and Systems Identified

# Draft Terms569575256482
# Ontologies Identified2727272727
# Ontologies Mapped99999

You are welcome to join this effort -- see Invitation to join Expert Working Group.

COKA Tools Development Working Groups

Evidence Evaluation and Reporting Tools Development Working Group Google Drive Folder

Content Citation and Classification Tools Development Working Group Google Drive Folder