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Chair:  Robert Jenders

Scribe: Robert Jenders 




Peter AdlassnigMedexter
Peter HaugIntermountain
Robert JendersUCLA


  1. WG Schedule:  Reflecting the rescheduling of the "Las Vegas" WGM from the week of 2021-01-18 to the week of 2021-01-25, the WG reviewed the correspondingly altered ballot cycle deadlines.
    1. Updated HL7 calendar
      1. 2020-11-08: Notification of Intent to Ballot (NIB) deadline = ballot minus 6 weeks.  CDS Big Picture IG NIB already submitted before this deadline.

      2. 2020-11-18 to 2020-11-19:  Previously "draft" harmonization meeting schedule
      3. 2020-11-19: FHIR Connectathon proposals due. (The Connectathon dates did NOT change but this date changed from the 17th.)

      4. 2020-11-29: Reconciliation deadline for ballot items having previously balloted – (Ballot -3 weeks)

      5. 2020-12-13: Final content deadline.  (One week later than previously scheduled.)

      6. 2020-12-18: Ballot opens

      7. 2020-12-27: Deadline for TSC approval of PSS for 2021MAY cycle

      8. 2021-01-25:  WGM begins (Monday = customary date of the Arden Syntax WGM)
    2. Per Lynn Laakso (HL7 staff), the harmonization process no longer exists as such, which is reflected by the absence of planning information on the harmonization page group on for the current cycle.  This has been replaced by the UTG terminology management process.  As a result, WG review of harmonization proposals no longer occurs.
    3. Because of the schedule change in the current cycle, pushing all deadlines back one week, the WG agreed to change the date of its next monthly meeting from 2020-11-30 to 2020-12-07 because the cycle now allows an additional week for ballot final content submission (on 2020-12-13).  The purpose of the meeting will remain finalization of the CDS Big Picture IG document, with approval by the cosponsoring CDS WG and CQI WG later that week.
      1. Action item:  Change meeting time (Jenders).
    4. For the next WGM (formerly the Las Vegas/Henderson meeting), the WG agreed to request schedule time for its customary time slot:  All day Monday, in this case 2021-01-25, recognizing that business likely will be completed during Q1-Q2.
      1. Action item:  Submit "room request" for Q1-Q4 on 2021-01-25 (Jenders).
  2. CDS Big Picture IG
    1. The WG discussed the timing of this document, particularly given 1) limited composition resources; 2) its dependence on FHIR as a standard data model which, now that a normative edition (R4) is available favors proceeding with Arden Syntax v3, which in turn would favor a timely completion of the IG; 3) composition underway by the CDS and Arden Syntax WG cochairs to publish a paper reviewing FHIR's interaction with CDS standards, including Arden Syntax, which would favor delaying the IG until the content of this paper could be folded into the IG; and 4) with FHIR maturation coming along which would accelerate development of Arden Syntax v3, which would favor delaying the IG so that in could include material from the latest version of Arden.
    2. The WG discussed additional material that could be folded into the IG, including the Graphite consortium of knowledge tools and artifacts.
    3. Consensus plan
      1. Continue on the current schedule, with a goal of completing composition by the next WG conference call on 2020-12-07 in order to submit by the final content deadline of 2020-12-13 and complete the ballot this cycle.
      2. If this fails because of insufficient composition, then delay the document ballot until at least the next cycle, when material from the paper and possibly additional work on Arden v3 would be available, possibly even delaying it past the completion of Arden v3 to enable that material to be included in the IG.
  3. Next conference call:  2020-12-07 at 1100 HL7 time.
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