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Goal: Provide examplar overview of Labs

Category Type

Category Example

Process- Defining clinical and administrative workflow


System Actors (Intermediaries): 

Other Intermediaries: 

Example process: (this is not organization specific but a common example)

 (Enter your own workflow diagram)

Diagram attachment access error: cannot display diagram

Add System technical workflow and actors: Patient, Providers (Ordering and Rendering), Payer.

Highlight the happy path vs. alternate path. 

Identification of Data Elements

FHIR Mapping


  • Values sets...

Perform workflow diagrams (see github for the json and technical example)

  • Insert Steps of the workflow in bullets.
  • add "potential gotchas" here

Perform FHIR GAP Analysis (Is anything else needed in the IG for this example?)

Rules Sets- specific sets of data requirements for what needs to be documented in the medical record to support coverage for given item or service (make your form or data requirements available for the example - helpful for others to see)

Additional requirements (e.g. appropriate use criteria for advanced imaging, MOHS)

GIT HUB Artifacts (add to and link below)

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