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Short Description

Isolation Point-of-Care / ICU Bed Device Integration Use Case (Gemini MDI Project)

Long Description

Given the current challenges with COVID-19 and the need for isolation ICU beds that include medical devices such as ventilators, physiologic monitors and infusion pumps, there is an acute need to advance Devices on FHIR (DoF) specifications to support this "Isolation ICU Bed" use case.  The joint HL7-IHE Gemini Medical Device Interoperability project includes the integration of FHIR-based applications and systems with acute point-of-care medical devices (e.g., those around an ICU bed or in an operating room surgery table or emergency department bed), using the ISO/IEEE 11073 Service-oriented Device Connectivity (SDC) medical device interoperability standards and their IHE Service-oriented Device Point-of-care Integration (SDPi) IHE profiles.  Note that the SOA-based SDC/SDPi specifications support not only plug-and-trust interoperability but medical device information reporting, medical alerting and device external control - all needed for this isolation bed use case. These Gemini SDPi+FHIR specifications include definition of a FHIR Gateway connector actor that provides for the needed bi-directional flow of information between an FHIR ecosystem and an SDC/SDPi ecosystem.  This FHIR CAT track will use this isolation bed use case to explore the IHE SDPi FHIR Gateway actor specification, including the work done for mapping ISO/IEEE 11073 SDC to FHIR in the HL7 DEV Point-of-Care Device FHIR IG.  


(all times Pacific)

2021.01.14 Thursday

0900 - 1000  Track Kick-off / Orientation - Introduction to Gemini SES MDI Project

1000 - 1200  Isolation Point-of-Care Use Case Exploration 

1200 - 1400  Use Case Formalization using Gherkin / Cucumber Studio

1330 - 1400  Day #1 Wrap-up

1400 - 1500  Late Notice!!!  Join the V2-to-FHIR Track for review of ORU mapping + V2+ under the hood 

2021.01.15 Friday

0800 - 0900  Day #2 Kick-off 

0900 - 1400  Isolation Use Case - Continue detailing using Gherkin + intersection between FHIR/Devices on FHIR IG and SDC/SDPi 

1400 - 1430  Day #2 Wrap-up


Test an Implementation Guide + FHIR-associated Specification

Submitting Work Group/Project/Accelerator/Affiliate/Implementer Group  

Gemini SDPi+FHIR Project (HL7 & IHE Devices)

Proposed Track Lead

Related Tracks

V2-to-FHIR Track 

FHIR Version


Specification(s) this track uses

Artifacts of focus

Devices on FHIR PoCD IG and related resources, including Device, DeviceMetric, Observation, Patient, Location.

Clinical input requested (if any)

Clinical perspectives of the challenges of providing care for isolation bed patients would be very helpful, both in ICU and ED.  Note that the recently published AAMI/CR511 Emergency Use Guidance for Remote Control of Medical Devices may also provide clinical input to the use case focus. 

Patient input requested (if any)

Environment of care challenges for patients is a key aspect as well, including family members.  For example, "silent" bed is a related set of use cases for the Gemini SDPi+FHIR project.

Expected participants

Medical device informatics / interoperability developers + FHIR-based application developers that want to consume device-sourced information and to provide information by use of medical device systems around these high-acuity points of care.  (focus is on developers!)

Zulip stream

#SDPi+FHIR>Isolation PoC FHIR CAT Track

Zoom link provided via Whova per each agenda item above

Track Orientation Date

NOTE:  Track orientation will be the focus of the first hour of participant discussion

Track Orientation Details

To be covered per the Thursday agenda above.

Track Details

NOTE:  Since this is a Gemini Device Interoperability project track, all FHIR CAT discussion notes will be recorded on the SDPi+FHIR Narratives page:

Gemini MDI Narrative: Isolation Bed

Given that this is the first FHIR CAT for this Gemini MDI  Isolation Point-of-Care (PoC) track, the focus will be to detail out the use case scenario, with a particular focus on the intersection between an acute PoC, especially ICU room, with the medical equipment supporting the patient, and its FHIR-based connection with enterprise systems, for real-time reporting of device information, device alerting, and external device control (e.g., so that the clinician does not have to put on PPE just to titrate an infusion pump dose rate or adjust a ventilation pressure.  

The results of this CAT work will directly inform the Gemini / IHE SDPi supplement content + the Devices on FHIR PoCD IG, and will be advanced with actual devices and information systems in subsequent 2021 FHIR CAT events.

Security and Privacy Considerations:

SDC/SDPi uses TLS and x.509 certificates; TBD what the DoF exchanges will use.