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Attendance can be found Here

Co-Chair and Key Participant information can be found on the Agenda found Here

Discussion items

Time (ET)ItemWhoNotes
12:03WelcomeRob H

Added agenda item to speak about timing of application

  • VSD-P related changes will be applied for R4B, including changes to SVS.
    • Dashboard of items located here
  • Post R4B, we hope to work with CPG group to update those profiles to be based on VSD-P instead of SVS
    • Might be that there is not much to change
12:12VSD-P compliance with VSDRob M and Carol M

Compliance with VSD in first version of VSD-P

  • RM - Should we make VSD-p rigidly aligned with VSD in the first pass?
    • CM - Yes. picking and choosing areas of compliance would be confusing. Instead, areas where we want VSD to reflect changes to vocab's guidance on value set definitions, then we need to improve that specification and create a profile that aligns with that update
    • CC - Agreed
12:18Review of R4B tickets related to VSDPCarmela

Group reviewed and made changes to tickets in the dashboard linked above. Details 

  • UP-107 does not need to be resolved today to proceed with VSD-P
  • Focused on the following four tickets that are at the end of the list as the other are all voted upon and with a status = Resolved - Waiting for Change
12:24Profile Spreadsheet ReviewCarmela

Reviewed working profile spreadsheet (version 3) located here

  • FHIR-18702 - Getting issue details... STATUS  and FHIR-24085 - Getting issue details... STATUS  were added to list of R4B
  • Added URL for  (
  • multiplicity - rarely needed, terminology services will have a hard time applying this, and thus we need to consider not making this one Must Support = Y
  • build process can still accept the spreadsheet format, however it will be transformed to a structure definition for consumption by build process
  • Title and Other Title - invariant - one or the other must exist
12:46Next StepsAll

See action items

Post VSD-P publishing, we will need to resolve overlapping extensions between VSD-P and CPG. In the meantime, we will look to incorporate invariants in CPG that also apply to VSD-P but not look to resolve all differences

  • There may be issues where Must Support in VSD-P but explicitly not allowed in CPG - but not a focus right now in getting VSD-P completed
1:10Motion for VSD-P

Motion by RM - to reopen  FHIR-25272 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - no second, thus not reopened

CC moves

Add an invariant to VSD-P on FHIR Value Set resource that requires either a Description (as defined in valueset.description) or a Scope (as defined as the extension on valueset).

CM seconds

Further discussion - CC clarified that the existing below ticket resolves some of the issue with alternate named extensions for Description

FHIR-25273 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Motion passes with Vote 7-0-0

Further work on description and scope

FHIR-25272 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - not able to vote. Robert Hausam and Rob McClure to further adapt the proposed wording.

Action items

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