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 Minutes Approval Oct 27th

Rachel asked why we were publishing this guide when HL7 is moving all development towards FHIR.  Russ pointed out that the C-CDA on FHIR and DaVinci CDEX (Direct query task based approach) projects were focused on FHIR.  Laurie stated that this was only an update and a separate PSS would have to be started to focus on the FHIR specifications.  It was agreed that the FHIR solution would be on next weeks agenda.

After much discussion regarding the NIB, the minutes were approved.

HL7’s Virtual Working Group Meeting, January 25-29

  • WG Meeting discussion - FM will not be attending because X12 meets during the same time as HL7.

PIE will coordinate with FM

HL7’s Virtual Connectathon 26, January 13-15

  • To learn more about the tracks being offered at Connectathon 26, attend the FREE Connectathon 26         Track Overview Session on Tuesday, December 8th at 4:00 PM


PSS for FAST exchange metadata using RESTful headers

Patrick Murta, with Humana, will have a track at the Connectathon.  Ready for ballot in May.  Working on implementation guide on Google DOCs.  The track is posted on the Confluence page.  Rachel is on the track team and stated that it is essentially connectivity.  Is the info in the header/metadata sufficient to route to provider or payer and this is mostly for the intermediary using RESTful header.  

See the FHIR PSS # 1653 in Confluence

Jan2021 Ballot: HL7 CDA® R2 Attachment Implementation Guide: Exchange of C-CDA Based Documents, Release 1 -US Realm

This announcement will go out on November 16 in conjunction with the opening of the ballot pools.

You can review the attached document or see the Confluence page at https://confluence.hl7.org/display/HL7/2021JAN+Announcement+of+Formation+of+Additional+Consensus+Groups


Vote PDex to publication approval

Since PIE is co-sponsor, Rachel makes a motion to qpprove for publication, Laurie seconds it.  Lynn abstains.


VOTE:  11-0-1

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 Adjourned at 3:26 PM

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