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Management Minutes Approval 10/13/2020Delayed until next meeting

LOINC Updates and discussion - add LOINC HIPAA tab to VSAC (may not need as Regenstrief LOINC updates)

LOINC.org/attachments page has been simplified.  It has the same data as the Relma HIPAA tab, which may phase out in a couple of years.

  • Take off the "IG Exists" and "No IG Exists" from home page to de-clutter it.  The information will be noted elsewhere.
  • Regarding removing the modifier table, Bob suggested that since the table was in place prior to the CMS rule it may become relevant when an attachment rule finally comes out.
  • Make change to the links to have one that excludes the (over 6000) radiology codes. 
  • Documents that refer to Relma, such as the Attachments IG, would have to be revised.
  • Requests and responses already exist independent of the HIPAA/Attachments tabs.
  •  OIDs can be found at loinc.org/FHIR .  URN OID

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Russ JIRA migration CDA Assets

Conversation with Lisa and Natasha last week

  1. They’re going to handle the initial setup for CDA standards in JIRA for accepting comments moving forward
  2. At this time, there are only 4 CDA-related standards for which we’re the sponsor:
    1. Attachment Implementation Guide
    2. Periodontal Attachment IG
    3. Orthodontic Attachment IG
    4. Dental Data Exchange IG (not yet published)
  3. For the Attachment IG – Lisa pushed on us to consider balloting it as Informative rather than STU when we re-ballot this winter –I’ve put this on our agenda for next week, as we need to approve a NIB anyways.

Laurie and Structured Docs to "clean up" PSS at a later date.

Russ filled out NIB form and submitted it after Rachel moved to approve and Jean seconded.  

VOTE:  10-0-0


US Realm Updates

1. PACIO The Post-Acute Care Interoperability (PACIO)
This project will create FHIR implementation IG(s) for Advance Directives Interoperability (ADI).

It is a complex area that involves many stakeholders. The Post-Acute Care Interoperability (PACIO) Community has a strong interest in the topic of advance directives and will support the community engagement and technical FHIR IG development needed for Advance Directives Interoperability. PACIO is supported by MITRE, CMS, ONC and many other stakeholders (both clinical and technical).

FHIR profiles will be developed for several existing FHIR resources to represent advance directive content such as: living will, durable medical power of attorney, personal health goals at end of life, care experience preferences, patient instructions (obligation, prohibitions, and consent), and portable medical orders for life sustaining treatments.
"This FHIR implementation guide will use the US Core profiles. If this FHIR implementation guide is unable to use a US Core profile we will request approval from US Realm SC, and provide the US Realm approved rationale for deviation in the implementation guide where applicable."

2. Bob Dieterle- PA Informative guide – to support DaVinci PA CRD, DTR
FM/PIE WG sponsors - Prior Auth – supporting documentation identification from payers

3. PSS for FAST exchange metadata – Patrick Murta (future call as not on today)

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