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HL7 Korea FHIR Working Group Meeting Online

Korea-specific FHIR Profiling

15 Sep 2020


Joon Hyun SongHealthAll Inc.P
Hyeongho DoHealthAll Inc.A
Sungchul BaeSamsung Medical CenterP
Jaewoo SinezCareTech Inc.P
Yeohoon YoonTelecommunication Technology AssociationA
DoYoun LeeSamsung Medical CenterP

Agenda Topics

Agenda Outline

Agenda Item

Meeting Minutes from Discussion

Summary of last meeting지난 미팅 요약
Translation - Validation Tool진행상황 확인


  • 번역 시 적절한 단어 선택
  • 일관성 있는 번역
Provider Directory

사전 사례 조사

  • Validated Healthcare Directory

Next meeting

Next meeting is scheduled to be held on 27 Oct 2020.

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